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A side-by-side comparison of two iconic movie characters, including a pirate from the "Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise, in their respective film settings.

Credit: Disney (left), Lionsgate (right)


  1. kacey_09

    I still think Disney is nuts for at least not even trying to get Johnny Depp back. I really don’t think a movie theme about pirates is what people are looking for. They’re looking to see a movie with Johnny Depp in it.

    1. Rachie

      This really sucks, I was looking forward to the new movie with Depp.

  2. J_Blackthorne

    Keanu Reeves would be perfect.

    1. Steven

      I might get on board with Reeves as a Depp replacement, I like Reeves enough to do so. It’s unclear to me if Reeves will be portraying Jack Sparrow or introducing a new character to the franchise. If he is to be Jack Sparrow I hope they allow him to emulate at least some of Depp’s quirkiness and mannerisms kind of like an homage and still be able to make the character of Jack Sparrow his own.

      You know like what Warner Bros. did with the many actors of Batman (in a loose way speaking anyway.) We just don’t want George Sparrow or Jack Clooney.

  3. Destiny

    Sorry Keanu, not this time. This role will always belong to Johnny. You would not be able to portray Captain Jack Sparrow. The way Johnny had skillfully made Captain Jack Sparrow. Stick with John Wick or Constantine but leave Captain Jack Sparrow to Johnny Depp he owes that

  4. Sally

    This is another low blow by Disney, but no surprise. They know Keanu is well-loved by fans, but I don’t think Keanu would. Not to play Jack.

  5. J_Blackthorne

    Keanu could be a different character: Long John Sparrow – Jack’s cousin or brother…

  6. Leeann

    I love Keanu Reeves but it’s Johnny Depp or no one to play Captain Jack Sparrow.

    1. Lavon Johnson

      I agree 100%.. let’s boycott the movie. I certainly hope all the idiots do not feel the need to see what it will be like to have a Different Captain. You know Disney would consider it a win

  7. Lavon Johnson

    Nothing against Keanu Reeves but he is no Johnny Depp, Johnny Depp is Captain Jack Sparrow. Make no mistakes. Look what happened to Spider-Man and Superman when they changed people playing the part of iconic roles. I hope many people do no go see the New POTC. We need to boycott it. Can you imagine someone else in Dirty Dancing? Come on people Walt must be rolling in his grave. Such a legacy and this happened. SMH

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