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  1. Gary

    Well the Fairy Godmothers should learn that they could be wrong at times and listen to the parent !!

  2. Steve

    ….Or this whole thing is made up because no one ever made up a story and put it on social media for likes or views or whatever they do to try and feel a connection to strangers rather than their families.

  3. Eileen Wright

    The mother is way out of line here! If she knew daughter had dandruff, she should have made sure her hair was freshly washed and treated before visiting the salon! I feel sorry for the little girl having to endure this conversation about her being right there! I am very glad CA Disneyland doesn’t have that ridiculous name boutique!

  4. Eileen Wright

    I wrote a lengthy comment and it didn’t post

    1. Dodger

      Give it a few days. You might see it eventually. This website is weird that way.

  5. Lice can be very contagious and sometimes is a little hard to tell. And I am a beautician. They have to worry about other children as well. If it was dandruff the mother should have been using the right shampoo as precaution. And to blame it on the Fairy Godmother. This is all the parent. If this story is true.

  6. Debra

    This is on the parent, the mother should have made sure to wash the daughters head with dandruff shampoo before coming. The cast members were doing their job properly

  7. BAMmom

    I find it difficult to believe there was no health card person available. I was head chaperone for a HS band visiting WDW and had to deliver and pick up the health care forms for my group in each park. Someone was there early and late – every park – every day.

  8. Buck

    I know for a fact that they have nurses at the parks. Unfortunately, my sweet son has had to visit at MK and AK due to an allergic reaction. However, nurses cannot diagnose.

  9. Kelly Burns

    I don’t think this story is 100% true. It is very very hard to be picked to work at this boutique, and every person working there would be able to give advice about what to do for dandruff or lice (unless Disney has some rule saying they are not permitted to do so) something is missing in this story

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