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Mae (Amandla Stenberg) from 'Star Wars: The Acolyte' stands with a hood over her head next to water with 'Cancelled' stamped over her in red.

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  1. Steamboat Willie

    To the “normal Star Wars fans,” The show ain’t cancelled bub.

  2. Randy

    Fire Kathleen Kennedy!

    1. Kyle Olson

      Kathleen Kennedy is already gone. She can’t be fired due to a stupid contract, but she’s out of the building. This was her last mess, and if the new management could have not aired it they would have been pleased. Headland barely made a show, and Favreau desperately tried and gave up fixing it.
      The show was dead before it was finished, and if LucasFilm could hide it forever, they would. Unfortunately, Kennedy had offer she couldn’t refuse to get this show made, and nobody wants to mess with that arrangement. So it will be released and ignored.
      Apparently yesterday, we learned Favreau had collected the evidence of how bad the show is to use as leverage against Iger, whether he stays or goes.

      1. RWM

        Not intrested in this show at all. I would rather see a second season for Andor, or Ahsoka.

    2. Sheila love

      Yes please she messed up star wars. Especially the 3rd season of mandalorian

      1. The Woah Cleft

        She’s a producer and has no say on the creative aspect of the things she produces but nice try

        1. LB

          I always vote Democrat, and Im so sick of Kathleen Kennedy, and all Disney+ terrible woke Star Wars. Get politics out of entertainment!!

          1. Danny Miller

            I don’t think that you’re being completely honest with your comment.

  3. Sims

    Why can’t we have something on Anakin Skywalker or Darth Vader? The audience wants him back .. no one could match the audience puller of that character. Hayden Christiansen is back. Let’s revive this!!!

    1. Paul

      Please just get another Anakin/Obi Wan series while we still can…maybe 5 years before ANH, anything around the Skywalker theme of the first 6 films will do great and are hopefully awesome like the obi wan series was !!!!

  4. Dutch

    Disney Star Wars is garbage. It’s all about DEI crap and not storytelling. I saw an interview with Amandla Stenberg and it was cringe beyond belief.

  5. Andrew

    When you fill a show with identity politics, spit on the fans and even brag that you hire only writers who are not familiar with SW, your trailer on Youtube gets ratioed to oblivion. STOP using SW platform to push your message or tell your life story as an LGBTQ member.

  6. Andrew

    When you fill a show with identity politics, spit on the fans and even brag that you hire only writers who are not familiar with SW, your trailer on Youtube gets ratioed to oblivion. STOP using SW platform to push your message or tell your life story.

  7. Dearldean

    It needs more than one seasonfor people to know if they like it or not.For petesakes you can’t judge on one season. I kind of like the idea of going back to the beginning so to speak before phantom Menace. I think it would be an interesting show and I’d like to chance to see it all and the second seaconsistent.What’s the matter with people at Disney?They don’t pay attention to their fans at all

  8. sian

    How I wish they would bring back Ben Solo.

  9. sian

    How I wish they would bring back Ben Solo.

  10. Andrew

    A show that inserts identity politics verse good story telling will never work

    1. Stone

      Agreed! Start a different series with identity politics and see how it goes but don’t mess with Star Wars. It hurts.

    2. Steamboat Willie

      TIL People of Color existing is political.

      Also, Star Wars has always had politics in it.

      1. Brent

        The problem is that they pick lame/activist actors and writers over competent ones. No one complained about Blade. It ain’t about identity, it’s about storytelling.

      2. Axauv

        Not like this it hasn’t. DEI is now the only metric of quality at Disney. Thats why every season and and their last ten movies or so have flopped hard.

        1. The Woah Cleft

          You are very dumb and none of that is true

        2. The Woah Cleft

          None of that is true though

        3. The Woah Cleft

          None of that is true

          1. Dave the Knave

            Yeah, it is. You just insisting it isn’t true doesn’t change reality.

          2. CAL

            Yes it is KK on record as well as Headylamar said DEI is instrumental going forward in their projects

  11. Anon

    I’m not sure anymore if they’re trying to convince themselves or investors on this “troll” point they keep making to brush off criticism. At a certain point you gotta own up to the fact that you’re making garbage and earn your fans’ trust back by putting competent people with a creative spark in charge of projects.

  12. Mick

    As a fan if one if the most ridiculously trolled IP’s, I am disgusted that there won’t be a second season of The Acolyte. All the stories that have been told so far have needed more than a season to rally flesh out what’s really going on.

  13. David

    Yes politics have been in SW but when its sold to an audience based solely on bedroom preference and color of skin on who is in it, we want to escape this world and go to a galaxy far far away

    1. Steamboat Willie

      Now, I just know you didn’t pull out textbook racism.💀

    2. The Woah Cleft

      You must be the fucking worst to be around.

  14. Jessica Shatstain

    It’s almost impossible to think of a cultural product women have made that isn’t immediately forgettable. Sure, a female director may make an art house film now and then, something almost nobody even looks at, no matter how good it is. But in general, for the wide audience? Nada. Women like soap operas. They turn everything into the mush of social drama. They lack the psychology that can transmute the rusted iron of reality into gold. Only men can do that. So I am not expecting much about this pre-cancelled black female of lesbian space opera drama show.

  15. The Woah Cleft

    The website that “reported” this has no sources and makes stuff up to cater to the anti woke crowd

    1. Nick

      You must be woke

  16. Manuel

    Leslye Headland is filmed saying that she pitched the idea to center The Acolyte story around her alphabet soup lifestyle and KK gave her the green light no questions asked.

  17. The Star Wars fandom doesn’t hate new or diverse characters. What we don’t like is pretentious social activists masquerading as content creators, producers, etc pushing vapid, dull woke content with no real effort put into storyline, plot or character development. If the social demographics or sexuality of your characters is what you lead with in a production, chances are it’s going to suck. As much as Kathleen Kennedy tries to pass off the dislikes and negative reviews as driven by bots she can’t deny the negative response.

  18. J. Hendrix

    Star Wars has always been multicultural, everyone that’s a fan understands this, that’s what makes it work. I think the problem stems from the massive deviation from the original cannon, killing off main cannon characters really affected me. Also deviations from decades of reading material, have soured me personally and permanently. It’s become hard for me to now trust in Disney’s Star Wars future endeavors.

    1. K. Kennedy said she had no interest in canon or the expanded universe. That’s why the proposed DARTH BANE series based on Drew Karpyshyn’s books got canned, as well as LucasArts.

  19. Joekido


  20. Disney is weaksauce

    Looks horrible.

  21. Coach Book

    You negative fools don’t understand the importance of Mara Jade. If we really look at the story. It opens up a huge universe that we have yet to experience. Patience is the way to the light. Impatience is a road to the darkside.

    Master Flexus Fresh
    L.A. Breakers

    1. Disney sucks they destroy everything they touch Kuntleen Kennedy should be fired immediately along with Bob Iger and there’s a billionaire stockholder working on it right now thank goodness

  22. My favorite part of this article “Generally, fan reactions to The Acolyte footage have been extremely positive. While its first trailer currently boasts over half a million dislikes on YouTube…” How many times does a show have to get ratioed before they think that maybe, just maybe, these is the opinion of that many people. Sales are going down. Views are going down. If it is just a small amount of people with a loud voice. Why do they feel the need to comment on it at all. They want to ban people like critical drinker for “convincing people not to like something before they’ve seen it”. But that’s not the case. It’s that he is able to put into words what all of us feel is going wrong with today’s cinema. You don’t have to convince anyone of anything if you can easily point out flaws that make logical sense. I also have to agree that if you are going to continue a franchise, you should be bound be the rules of that franchise. If you are the creative genius you think you are. Give us the star wars we want, make a crap ton of money, take that money and make your own franchise and universe with it’s own rules. If you want to be judged with no bias at all, then make something new. As soon as you try to piggy back off something, people are gonna expect that you don’t destroy the very thing you are getting a piggyback on.

  23. Paul

    Obi Wan series was amazing !!!

    1. George.

      it was boring, literally NOTHING happened, I kept waiting for something to happen

  24. Tim Farage

    Why does everything new on Star Wars have to focus on female warriors? The message is, “To be a woman, you just be a man”.

    The Force can be used for many things besides fighting with lightsabers.

  25. Jesse Owens

    Kennedy/Disney only hire people who don’t know/like Star Wars.
    They don’t even know competent storytelling or character development.
    In order to be called a “Troll” by Disney, you only have to be a fan of good writing and Star Wars canon.

  26. Tony

    This editorial needs to be eradicated. All media covering starwars needs to be canceled. They released the trailer already for it. This person doesn’t even want us fans to have something that we’ve been wanting from the get go since Disney took over.

  27. Daniel Colitzas

    When will Disney ever learn keep making that garbage and we will keep not watching it blame us all you want call us names racist bigot misogynist we don’t hate female characters we love princess Leia we don’t hate black characters we love Lando what we dislike is your terrible story telling so keep making your trash and we will keep not watching it

    1. Cyclist

      Why do you hate punctuation?

  28. JR

    I have barely any interest since the shows seem to be getting progressively less good. I wait to see if a series is good and fully released. In this case, sounds worth skipping.

  29. Mike

    Didn’t think much of the trailer and wasn’t interested in watching the series. The creative mind behind Star Wars is no longer involved and it shows.

  30. Aron

    I have no interest in Star Wars the Revenge of the Lesbians. You diminish art when you have quotas. I am not a troll either.

  31. A. Real Fan

    Just another steaming pile of garbage from Disney Star Wars. I am so tired of hearing that they don’t want to do the Skywalker thing. I hate to break it to everyone. Star Wars is the story of the Skywalker Family navigating through the politics and wars in a galaxy far far away. Anything else is just fan fiction.

  32. Burt

    As soon as Headland started gushing about diversity and gay garbage, i was not going to watch the series.

  33. Chuck Richards

    Great, just saves us from having to live through more woke Disney nonsense. No doubt there would be a gender fluid Jedi, fighting with a pansexual sith lord, only to find out they shared the same transgender mother, who was actually their father. Thanks, but no thanks.

    1. Charlie

      Dammit Chuck!!!! Don’t give them anymore ideas

    2. Jake

      Define woke,you moron.

  34. I would love for the board of Disney fire everyone in charge and fans that also understand the business acumen to start running Disney because these completely bottom line people have 1. Not one creative bone in their entire Body. 2. They have absolutely no understanding of how Star Wars and or Marvel works. They don’t get it and if you keep doing the same thing hiring the same kind of person to do the job that the last person failed at you’re going to get the same results. Disney will continue to fail until you do something you’ve never done before. Think outside of your tiny corporate box

  35. Craig n

    I thought the acolyte looked cool af. I think white people and men just aren’t happy how powerful women and colored people are these days. Please don’t cancel the acolyte

    1. George.

      it’s already canceled, white people (Kennedy and Iger) made this decision, probably just being racist – damn non-colored people and men (/sac)

  36. Dearldean

    I did not see anything in the trailer that should doom this series. I think gi ving it a chance before making a judgement is the way I feel. I hope for a second season of Asoka and wish for a fourth season of the mandolorian to accompany the move. Disney is disappointing alot of us by screwing around with Star War.

  37. Mike

    I would like you to meet my duck 🦆 it’s a great 🦆 it’s awesome there has never been a 🦆 like this you really have to come see it. No never mind I ate it.

  38. Aaron

    If the source is MIKE ZEROH?
    Because then there IS no source.

  39. Paul

    Looking for Acolyte buzz? I’m not seeing it here. Judging by the small sample size UGC here, I’d say “woke” is proving to be a net negative for Disney.

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