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Credit: California's Great America


  1. caom

    Six Flags did not buy Cedar Fair. Cedar Fair bought Six Flags, is converting to that name, and moving their headquarters. Cedar Fair will own 51% of the company, while Six Flags shareholders will own the remaining 49%.

    1. J

      How do I get a season REFUND?

  2. J. P.

    The writer of this piece clearly is looking for content and not the truth. Ironically this is not Six Flags Great America but California’s Great America that is currently part of the Cedar Fair chain of parks.. SF Great America is in Illinois and it is actually a Six Flags branded park. For a writer who calls themselves a theme park fan they could at least get the parks information correct.

  3. mark Kroger

    he was not kicked out of Six Flags Great America- I know my park and the video is from a different park` please do your research

  4. Mi

    Actually I record on rides all the time. However I don’t use the cell phone I use my video sunglasses

    1. Sarah

      I’ve seen a crazy number of sunglasses go flying off rides.

      1. LD

        They were right to throw him out and anyone else caught doing it. These so called content creates don’t have a right to put other riders in danger or the right to dictate the rules. The gall. Stay out of the parks if you’re unwilling to follow safety rules.

  5. Drew

    He should have just contact the PR rep for the park. Knowing the dire straits Six Flags is facing, they would have welcomed the positive publicity. However, this is just going to go down as another stain on the Six Flags brand. Uncle Angus has rolled over in his grave once again…

    1. Marie James

      This is actually California’s Great America which is owned by Cedar Fair, not Six Flags’ Great America in Illinois.

  6. Matt

    Cedar Point has had a policy for years on this. Watched several people removed from the park by security.

    1. Jaymonster

      I can’t speak for all Six Flags parks, but at Great Adventure (New Jersey) there are signs posted all over near the rides you cannot take your phone on, and most (if not all) have staff at the entrance of the ride asking if you have left your stuff in a locker as you are not to have anything (phones, keys, etc) in your pockets. There is no way to get in the ride and “not know” you aren’t allowed to have your phone on the ride. Six Flags was sued because someone was hit by a phone on a roller coaster z and judge ruled them liable as signs alone were deemed not stringent enough enforcement of the rules, this why they are now so aggressive about it.

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