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Guests enjoying Knott's Berry Farm, "California's Best Theme Park"

Credit: Knott's Berry Farm


  1. NoLongerOgasServant

    Better to be safer, than sorry. While the weather is certainly anomalous, the fact that the park is closing early makes sense. Unlike the bigger park down the road which only cares about their bottom line, and isn’t concerned about the safety of their guests and can’t members, especially those working ODV carts.

  2. Casandra Lee Mandeville

    Actually, this park has legally been my park since 1997. I am the true owner of knotts berry farm. I am Walter and Cordella knotts youngest child. They refuse to give me my park. It was left to me in my mother’s will. I have been fighting this for years, since 1997.
    I am also, the true owner of Disneyland and Magic Mountain. All three were left to me in a Will. Please spread thos around. Over 500 people know I am the owners of all three parks. I am still putting this in newspapers and much more.
    They cannot join with any other park, without my ok. All know it.

    1. Some socal person

      What the hell, so is knottts berry farm closing forever or what? They removed that tweet

    2. Cheech

      You must be smoking the good stuff.
      Didn’t forget to share!

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