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Comments for Final Notice: Knott’s Berry Farm, America’s 1st Theme Park, Suspends All Operations

Knott's berry farm: welcoming visitors to california's original theme park, juxtaposed with a sign indicating the amusement park is closed while the marketplace remains open.

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  1. Native daughter

    My first amusement park 60 years ago! Say it isn’t so, too many good old fashioned and fun places for family and friends are shutting down across America, expect crime rates to rise as our children won’t know what it’s like to have their own Knott’s berry farm, but will seek out other not so pretty ways to amuse themselves.

  2. Greg L

    Either Knotts management can’t read a weather report, or there is something else going on.. The park opened while it was raining, with rain the forecast until the afternoon.. By the time the closure was announced, there were blue skies and no rain in the forecast. They were annoying guests to enter as of at least 2:30, when the rain had stopped. We’re those tickets considered “used”?

  3. Stormy Cees

    “So.Cal. weather, affecting your family fun. Knotts Berry farm, among many to close due to storms!”
    Sounds less like the place is closing… altho this article has a better title than the one that made it sound like Sea World was closing forever…

  4. No, closed because of rain, if that was there excuse they have to give you a rainy day pass.

  5. J

    Knott’s listens to corporate office based in Ohio. Most of the time they have more workers than guests. Not to mention the poor vendors having to be there in those conditions.
    It’s sad how Knott’s treats their people.

  6. Brian

    Yall realize it’s April 1st right?

    1. CM

      Not an April fools joke my family was there. At the same time I was down the street at Disneyland where it stayed open until 11pm. Knott’s is a waste of time and money.

  7. Liz

    That was an April Fool joke people

  8. Buaby

    Been there b4 in rain. Their rides are all outdoors with coasters and all. There’s safety issues. Disney has many indoor attractions. But, yes, you would think they’d gauge the weather and offer rain checks or partial refunds. I have a pass, so it doesn’t affect me.

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