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Johnny Depp smirking as Captain Jack Sparrow in 'Pirates of the Caribbean'

Credit: Disney


  1. Jimmy

    To be honest , I didn’t think Pirates 5 was as good as the previous movies and figured the franchise hit a wall . Depp is Sparrow though no doubt , give it a shot I guess , but hard to capture lightning in a bottle twice

  2. Anthony

    Aren’t 5 films enough? People do loose interest in IPs that get over milked. Are they so proud that they don’t see that? I saw 1 through 4. Into the first 3. Wary/feeling over it by 4. But stuck to it. Number 5, NO. This is Disney’s problem. They milk franchises to the point where people get sick of it. 5 was enough. I’m not sitting through one more. Tired of endless prequels, sequels, reboots. New content too hard for them? Reading the article…. replacing lead roles from men to women. With men the villains. This has been overplayed in the last few years. Disney has gone so woke, that too many films have been bombing. And only recently an exec responsible for those films recently left the company. They are better off swinging the pendulum to the center and bring in some new stories.

    1. Rebecca Linn

      Without Johnny Depp, there is NO pirates of the caribbean. Period. I won’t be watching it

  3. Ella Rose

    No Johnny Depp? Disney is full of morons. They booted him before his trial was even begun. This will be a colossal failure without Depp. Suck it Disney.

  4. Ginger

    Was looking forward to another pirates movie with Johnny depp. He makes the movies. So I guess if there is no Johnny depp I will not be watching the new movie

  5. Steamboat Willie

    I’d honestly be intrigued to see what will happen now. A black, female or LGBT pirate sounds interesting and I’d love to see how it would play out.

  6. Steamboat Willie

    I’d honestly be intrigued to see what will happen now. A black or female pirate sounds interesting and I’d love to see how it would play out.

  7. Jackie

    The more Pirate Movies made never live up to the previous movies. And without Depp it would never be the same again. Johnny Depp made those movies. It’s unfortunate.

  8. Dr. M

    Disney seems to be going out of its way to make terrible movies. From ruining the Star Wars franchise, to the terrible obviously A.I. generated movie Wish, it’s one debacle after another these days. If Depp isn’t in the movie (in the starring role, not a side role), then its no Pirates for me. My guess is that they offered him a small side role and he said no. If so, good for him. The movie is destined to flop before it even gets filmed.

  9. Michelle

    I think that people’s acting careers shouldn’t involve their personal lives. So such bullcrap of this news. And there will never ever be anyone better to be Captain Jack Sparrow none other than Johnny Depp!! Sorry he created and made that character unique and fun!!! Overall he is an Awesome Actor! He’ll find more roles to play but Captain Jack was the BEST!!!!!🤣❤️


    I will not be watching POTC6, No more merch buying either.

  11. Tom

    If J Depp isn’t in the next movie it will be a gig whale trud wouldn’t walk across the street to watch it for free….

  12. Tom

    Iam sure POF Caribbean will be a big whale trud if J Depp isn’t in the movie, wouldn’t walk across the street to watch it for free

  13. Paula Berrettini

    I agree…no Johnny Depp, I won’t be watching the movie. It’s not Pirates of the Caribbean without him.

  14. Mary Ramos

    Without Johnny Depp, I won’t be watching!!!

  15. Barbara

    Are you kidding me? Disney has lost it. Johnny Depp made all of the Pirates of the Carribean a movies a success!!! Offering him a side role? That is a slap in the face. If Disney wants this movie to make it, they WILL need Johnny Depp!! Personal lives should not matter & be involved. He is human too & we all have problems, but ours are not displayed around the world. No Johnny Depp? No Captain Jack Sparrow?? I will not be looking at the new movie even if it was free or when it comes on Disney+ !!

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