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A dynamic scene from "John Carter," featuring a muscular warrior holding a weapon in a desert setting, accompanied by an alien creature in the heat of battle.

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  1. Alon

    True, a game would be a much easier way to retell the story, and have more creative control over how it plays out.

    What will be interesting to see is whether they are they going to stick with the original designs of the main characters; IE hyper masculine John and hyper sexy Dejah, or keep the toned down designs of the Disney bomb on some level, or just offer both with a simple menu toggle. The other issue is whether or not forced DEI in gaming might also force the choice too, given all the recent pushback against such in video games in favor of just having a good story and gameplay.

  2. Arthur

    I would love the start of modern franchise of this old book series.

    Also. Can they please put Mars back in the titles.

  3. Calababa

    I actually liked the movie. Wasn’t the greatest but was still decent. Maybe if these movie studios would reign in their budgets these movies could make a profit. No reason for this to of had a 350 million dollar budget to begin with!

    1. I saw/have the movie. I liked it. Watched it several times.. but I’m a ERB fan lol

      1. Russell

        I love the books and the movie! Read the books in the 70s and waited patiently for a movie! Disney failed at promoting John Carter or The Princess Of Mars for no apparent reason!

    2. Steve

      Too right. I thought it was a decent movie and is and always was a great story. No idea why the cost was so high.

      1. Susan giardin

        I loved the movie
        I don’t think people knew what is was because of the name and didn’t go

    3. Richie

      Love the books and really liked the movie. Hoped for sequel

  4. FB

    This is a classical Sci-Fi and humor movie (same as Ghostbusters and other similar movies ). I’ve watched it at least 5 times and still enjoyed it each time.
    I enjoy the ending very much!

  5. sfcpres

    The movie was OK, but a little hokey. On a side note – The Little Mermaid & Elemental successes??? The bar has been lowered somewhat. Watched both on Disney+ and neither had any punch to meeting Disney standards.

  6. Furbabies

    I really liked the movie and welcome a series of John Carter.

  7. Michael Bentley

    That movie is no flop. I’m 72 years old and I’ve watched it at least 10 times.

    1. Russell

      I agree 100%

  8. Aubrey

    It is also one of the best Sci fi movies of all time in my opinion. Definitely top 3 for me. I truly hope they do more with this as the possibility are endless. I always felt it would have been widely successful if they had just released it a few years later. It was released in a time that Sci fi just wasn’t a draw.

    1. Becks

      I really enjoyed the movie. I thought it was a good mix of action, fantasy, romance, and even a little humor. I was upset that he was away from his love for 10 years. I would love to see a second movie where he gets back to her. I don’t know why they consider it a flop except for the budget maybe.

  9. Roberta cissell

    I really liked the movie and was hoping for a part 2.

  10. Rene Danford

    I loved this movie. It’s not my typical type of movie, but my husband who was 54 at the time was watching it and I came in & started watching it with him from the beginning. And Taylor kitsch was the first hit for me. It was different starting out, and the horse and buggy era on earth, then John Carter is on Mars, and that is an entirely new sci-fi story which I liked, and then it goes full circle, and he sees how earth plays into that. Coincidentally, I was just looking for this so I could watch it again. I liked the twists. I didn’t see them coming although my husband did some of them and the ending was great!
    I cannot believe this was Disney’s biggest flop. That is a disappointment and may have something to do with the $350M budget. Seems pretty high to me and the box office income seems like it’s a good amount but I’m not in the business so I just know where to like and I as well as many other people really liked this movie. I hope that the announcement is a mini series or TV something starring Taylor, but just not a game. We shall see.

  11. Susan giardin

    I loved the movie

  12. Samantha

    I really enjoyed this film. Its much better than people think. Loved to have seen a follow up movie.

  13. Steve B

    While not a block buster, and I’d not read the book, I still found the movie quite good. I’d like to see further adventures rather than a remake.

  14. Michael

    All I see on the website is a new Deja Thoris book coming out. Which would be a good read. Nothing about John Carter at all.

  15. Roxie

    I LOVE THE JOHN CARTER MOVIE!!! I watch it often. I would love to see the franchise come back.

  16. Jess Mccart

    Being a fan of the pulp heroes Conan Tarzan and other books of Burroughs I didn’t call John Carter a flop the movie called a Princess of Mars I didn’t like . I guess people wanted a modern telling it don’t work all the time the Disney adaptation was the closest.

    1. I absolutely loved this movie. Poor advertising is to blame for falling short of making it back into the black. Cinematics are not cheap by any means. Complex CGI scenes require 100’s of hours of work by teams of artists and tech professionals. Ever watched the credits and saw exactly how many people are listed in them beyond just the actors? Yes the budget was lofty. But the finished product was amazing! Cut the budget in half and you’ll end up with a flash gordon movie. I would absolutely love to see a furtherance in this story.

  17. Qahir

    Yes I would to see the second installment I loved this movie

  18. Helen

    My husband and I loved the movie. Hoped for a sequel but heard nothing. Hopefully a new movie or even a series will come out 😁
    We loved it so much we named our blue nose pitbull Woola.lol

  19. R-Gii

    Princess of Mars I’m pretty sure has been public domain for decades, other studios had no need to wait for Disney’s rights to expire to make their own.

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