Alarming Rise of Infectious Disease Continues to Plague State of Florida, Disney World Guests Forewarned

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Walt Disney World guests should be aware of a recent rise in cases of infectious diseases in Florida. Here’s what you need to know.

Caution: expect crowds during peak travel season at Disney World.
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Walt Disney World Guests Should Be Aware of Leprosy Cases Rising in Florida

As Spring Break peaks in the coming weeks, Walt Disney World guests should also be aware of a rising trend in Florida’s infectious disease – leprosy. Discussion surrounding leprosy, a condition with historical roots dating back centuries and referenced in biblical texts such as the Book of Leviticus, has resurfaced in conversations across Florida. While leprosy remains rare in the United States, experts suggest a concerning uptick in reported cases nationwide, including within Florida, where the disease may have established endemicity.

Unlike pandemics such as COVID-19, endemic diseases persistently prevail within specific geographic regions. Despite the majority of individuals possessing inherent immunity against the ancient bacteria responsible for leprosy, thousands worldwide succumb to the illness annually. Walt Disney World Resort, including Disney Springs, has protocols in place throughout each Disney park that allows for the safety of all to be first if and when a pandemic takes place. The guest experience team, including guest relations, would alert the entire Disney resort via various communication tools like text messages and more.

Recent research published in the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Emerging Infectious Diseases journal indicates a notable increase in leprosy infections, particularly in the Southeastern United States over the past decade. Notably, many recent cases in Florida have been concentrated in Central Florida, particularly in Brevard County along the Space Coast.

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“This is a sporadic disease process that is still very uncommon in the United States and something that is highly treatable if caught early, and not something that people need to be anxious or nervous about.”

Dunn’s sentiments echo the findings of a recent study conducted by Central Florida doctors Aashni Bhukhan, Charles Dunn, and Rajiv Nathoo, aimed at enhancing clinical understanding and awareness of leprosy among healthcare professionals. Despite significant knowledge gaps surrounding the disease’s geographical prevalence and transmission, Dunn underscores the importance of proactive communication with healthcare providers if concerns arise.

According to recent data from the National Hansen’s Disease Program, Florida accounted for a notable portion of leprosy cases reported in the United States in recent years, with Central Florida consistently featuring prominently in case counts. However, the overall incidence remains low, with only three reported cases in Florida thus far in 2024 out of a population of nearly 23 million.

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Disney World visitors are encouraged to approach this information with attentiveness and caution. While the reported cases of leprosy in Florida, including Central Florida, remain relatively low, and the disease is highly treatable if detected early, guests should prioritize taking necessary precautions to safeguard themselves and their families.

Maintaining good hygiene practices, particularly regular handwashing, is crucial, especially after potential exposure to contaminated surfaces. Guests should also remain vigilant for unusual symptoms or health changes, particularly skin abnormalities or nerve-related issues, and seek prompt medical attention if necessary.

Furthermore, staying informed about the latest updates and guidance from reputable sources, such as healthcare authorities and official Disney communications, is essential. By remaining informed and proactive, visitors can enjoy their experience at Disney World while minimizing any potential risks associated with leprosy or other health-related concerns.

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