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Minnie mouse posing in front of the iconic cinderella castle with the walt disney pictures logo.

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  1. I’m worried that if Disney keeps lobbying for an intentional R-rating ,one day Unca Walt is going to walk over to the South Buena Vista campus,look at Bob Iger,fold his arms,and say,”AHEM!”

    1. Steamboat Willie

      I mean, given his previous record, I doubt Walt Disney of all people would care for a 13 second shot in a 20th Century Studios movie.

  2. Marie A. Wyke

    No they have not. If you don’t want to see it…..DONT GO! MIND YOUR NOSEY AZZ BUSINESS!!!!

  3. Wokey Dwarf

    More vajayjay is a no-brainer. Always.

  4. Jerry Atrix

    This is exactly why Bobby will be ousted on April 3rd. These type of films are not what the majority of Disney fans want. They do not do well enough at the box office to justify production costs, yet Disney keeps on keeping on.
    Maybe the next CEO will get it, but I’m not holding my breath.

  5. Cartman75

    Don’t worry about the movies too much. Check out disney owned web game called second life. It’s alot worse then most movies.

  6. Would people be caring about nudity in a 20th Century Fox (or whatever their name is now) if they had NOT been bought by Disney?
    I think not.
    Disney bought them because their film library was a good investment. Not because they just wanted a different label on more family friendly ‘Disney’ films.

  7. Alon

    I don’t really see an issue with it. We already see bare asses, bare breasts, lengthy sex scenes, and extreme violence and gore on-screen and those are merely Rated R. It’s clearly not for pornographic reasons. That said, as long as it’s key to a scene, sure. But if it’s just to have it for the same reason we get random bare breasts or random sex scenes in a series, then omit it.

  8. Gary

    Do NOT do it Disney, Walt would be very upset !!

    1. Sir Robby

      It isn’t even a Disney film…

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