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Elphaba Thropp (Cynthia Erivo) in the 'Wicked' trailer

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  1. Why

    I’m sorry, Dorothy is the protagonist and the witch would be the antagonist in The Wizard of Oz.

    1. LoveEveryone

      Wicked is completely different. If you haven’t read the book, the wicked witch is actually the hero, trying to liberate the oppressed. There’s no allegory, it’s an anti meat message, quite obviously making the case that animals shouldn’t be eaten just because they can’t talk. Dorothy, btw, is just a bratty little girl who happens to get pulled into the mess of oz and the power struggles as The Wicked Witch fights against society for eating meat.

    2. arosary

      This is not the wizard of oz. This is wicked, the pov of the witch. This came from a book then a musical. It you are going to talk about this, at least read the book.

      1. Bon

        I despise Arianna Grande because of her actions and statements. She is an awful person.
        If the actor playing the witch is the best person for the part, congratulations.

        1. Nanny Magic

          I don’t know which “actions and statements” you speak of, but I can tell you one thing: It’s normal to be American and hate America sometimes, especially regarding its obsession with unhealthy eating. I feel that way myself quite often. It doesn’t make her an awful person; it makes her someone with a legitimate opinion, no matter how unpopular that opinion might be with people who have no regard for context. Also, she has since apologized and admitted that she should’ve chosen her words better. But if you feel the need to despise someone you’ve never met, based on a single incident, then you do you, I guess.

  2. Love wveryone

    Wicked is a PETA ad. It’s also a well loved story.if it’s written well and well acted it will do fine.

    People are sick of identity culture and DEI. The little mermaids remake mentioned is a great example of a terrible movie. It was clearly remade *just* to recast it and make money off of the DEi culture, and the acting was AWFUL

    1. A Rosary

      The Little mermaid was not woke. Mermaids are in almost every culture I folktales. The oting was that it was a musical.

    2. Bon

      It was boring.

  3. fiona

    I’m sorry but she’s green, what colour does it matter that she is under the makeup. As long as she can sing and does it justice then who actually cares

    1. Shirley

      Exactly the witch is green, the colour the actress is under the makeup does not matter as long as she’s a good actress

    2. Anne P


  4. Deb

    Fiona is exactly right ,who cares what colour some one is under green makeup,it looks like it will be a good movie,just some people need to get a grip on what’s fantasy and what’s reality ,life is to short to be small minded and miserable

  5. Anne P


  6. Cheryl

    The whole point of the book is about discrimination and the politics of OZ. It is actually Woke, before Woke was a thing. It never screamed it was Woke, it just showed how awful people can be to those who are different . It was written in a true and touching way. It made a point and it didn’t have to knock anyone with any sense, on the head. The book is one of my favorite.

    1. A Rosary

      Have you read the book? It’s great. I read it before it was a musical. I would not call it peta, I would say that she wanted equal rights for animals who could talk but we’re being put “in their place” by the good folks in Oz. As for the girl playing the witch she is from Broadway and can sing. I actually have a problem with Ariañna Grande in it. She is only in it to bring in her fans (imo).

      1. Bon

        Yep my belief, she is lostsome poor excuse for a person. She has fans???

        1. Dodger

          Based on how well her last single is doing, her new album is expected to make a lot of money in presales alone. Sure seems like she has tons of fans, still. She’ll be just fine without your support.

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