Universal Implements Service Price Hike, New Rules Now in Effect for All Guests

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A new Universal price hike has officially begun today, affecting all guests at all three theme parks.

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Universal Price Hike Hits Certain Amenity Prices for All Guests

As of this morning, all Universal Orlando Resort guests must pay more when utilizing the locker systems at the theme parks. According to a few sources, including @ParkTwister on X (formally Twitter) and @AllCentralFla, the new pricing for lockers at this Universal Resort will be the following, effective immediately:

  • Large Lockers: $3 while you ride
  • Water Ride Lockers: $5 for 90min
  • Water Ride Large Lockers: $6 for 90min
  • Maximum per day goes from $20 to $25.

The price increase is by a few dollars for some locker systems while only going up by one dollar for others. The small lockers used for the rides are still free and can fit various items correctly.

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The Locker System at the Theme Parks

At Universal Orlando Resort, guests have access to a variety of locker options tailored to their needs:

  • Paid Lockers: Guests can choose from two sizes of paid lockers:
    • Regular: Sized at 12 in x 13 in x 16.9 in, available for $12 per day.
    • Family Size: According to the new information, measuring 12 in x 16.25 in x 16.9 in, offered at $15 or more per day.
  • Standard Lockers: These lockers are complimentary and conveniently located near attractions. Sized at 14 in x 5.5 in x 16.9 in, they are suitable for storing small loose items.
  • Single-Use Lockers: These lockers are found at specific attractions and provide temporary storage solutions for guests.
  • Large Lockers: Large lockers are available at an extra cost for guests requiring additional space. They are priced at $3 initially, with an additional charge of $3 for each half-hour of use, up to a maximum of $25.

To utilize the locker system:

  1. Select the desired locker size.
  2. Proceed to the locker kiosk, where you can make a payment or scan your Universal Orlando ticket.
  3. Safely stow your belongings inside the locker and securely close it.
  4. Retrieve your items later in the day using your Universal Orlando ticket to access the locker.
Universal price hike - Guests entering one of the Universal Orlando Resort theme parks in Florida on a bright, sunny day.
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This price increase is just one of a few so far. In November 2023, Universal Orlando Resort implemented price adjustments for single-day admission tickets, impacting various ticket options:

  • The 1-Day, 1-Park ticket, which previously started at $109, now begins at $119, plus tax.
  • During peak seasons, the 1-Day, 1-Park ticket increased from $159 to $179, plus tax.
  • For the 2-day ticket, guests experienced an increase of up to $49.
  • The Park-to-Park ticket, offering access to multiple parks, saw significant price adjustments. Adult prices rose from $185.31 to $249.21, while children’s tickets increased from $179.98 to $243.89.

With the ticket prices going up along with the lockers now, Universal Orlando is still a cheaper option than heading to a Disney park, even for Florida residents. Universal Orlando tickets are still significantly cheaper than visiting Walt Disney World Resort. With Epic Universe on the way, Disney will have a pretty big theme park competitor just down the road.

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