Guest Allegedly Suffers "Traumatic Brain Injury" on Universal Orlando Roller Coaster - Inside the Magic

Comments for Guest Allegedly Suffers “Traumatic Brain Injury” on Universal Orlando Roller Coaster

Guests upside down while riding Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit

Credit: Universal


  1. danl

    what a joke, another slacker trying to scheme money for a quick pay day.

  2. Janet

    Before you get on the ride there are warnings everywhere about the risks of the ride. Where is the personal responsibility in all of this? And shame on the lawyer who filed the suit. Someone else looking for an easy buck.

  3. Forthelols

    Traumatic brain injury sounds like she had a pre existing condition…

  4. Debi

    I’ve ridden Rip Rocket every year for years! Last year I rode it and really got beat up which never happened in the past. I thought maybe it was where I sat, but now I can’t take the chance of having it happen again. It was that bad. I used to love the ride.

    1. Kevin

      How is the Lawsuit coming along? 😂

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