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Miles Morales staring at the original Spider-Man suit

Credit: Sony Pictures Animation

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  1. MCU movie fan

    It’s not rocket science – the vast majority of marvel fanboys are just that – boys. Yes there are girls who like superhero movies, but they liked the same stuff the boys did. In an effort to be more diverse marvel and Sony chased away their core fan base. The number of remaining “fans” that wanted the new diverse movies were a small fraction of the fanboys who abandoned superhero movies. Do the math, cater to your core audience. There can be wonderful movies that are led by women and diverse casts (Barbie and as a blockbuster) – but don’t try and force it down the marvel fanboys throats. They have clearly shown you how little they like that approach. Follow the money, and stop coming up with alternate reasons to explain away why they flopped.

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