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Disney smokes a cigarette in a featured image

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  1. Pete

    All they’ll manage to do is get smokers to light up in the park anywhere they want to, without any designated smoking locations. They already have people sneaking a puff here and there as it stands with the smoking sections so hard for them to reach.

  2. Mayra

    All there doing is making more difficult for smokers, to visit the parks is going to get to a point that smokers will think twice about visiting the Mouse

  3. Heather

    It would make people like me happy that they eliminate smoking from the parks. I say maybe have a place outside of the park where smokers can gather. As an individual who is allergic to cigarette smoke, it makes it difficult to be anywhere near those who do. Smoke travels and I have many times had to walk through it and it sucks. I don’t want to be the party pooper but it is what it is.

    1. Phillip

      I won’t smoke if you don’t breathe…

  4. Wayne

    They had smoking areas before while some were not in the best spots. They should bring them back without having to go out of the park and having to go through security and reentry

    1. Paddie O'Furniture

      From what I remember, Disney removed the (in park) smoking locations roughly around the same time that medicinal marijuana usage was legalized in Florida.

  5. John L Bowman


  6. R.S.

    Yeeeah, Disneyland removed in-park smoking areas a few years ago. Check your sources, OP.

  7. john

    these parks are big enough to have people smoke away from people, and outside the parks there is a smoking area but you have to check in every time you go out to smoke in the front of the parks. you can have a place in the back of the parks so they do not have to walk out and check in especially if you are in the back of a park, disney lost a lot of the europeans they go to universal now , I do not smoke but if you do that is up to you so have a designated place in the front and in the back of the parks. At least they are not drinking and starting fights and climbing out of rides or doing crazy stuff once you get intoxicated oh but that is OK

  8. I don’t smoke but if certain people want to keep smoking in disney films, Make the bad guys smoke. Gives the kids a message that smoking is for bad guys.

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