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Comments for ‘Mary Poppins’ Deemed Offensive, Disney Ride Canceled

Bert and Mary with soot on their face in 'Mary Poppins' with text reading "canceled."

Credit: Inside the Magic


  1. Roger Stevens

    What a bunch of CRAP! Classics being degraded because the crybabies ass’n is at it again.

    1. Gary

      No Roger it is the Woke and others like them trying to make trouble including the 2 below me, still at it are you Wokey Dwarf pretty soon all you will be sleepy !!

      1. Bambi's Mom

        Can you even define the word “woke,” Gary? I wonder if you can. Frankly, anyone who has a problem with woke ideas is not a very good Christian in my book because Jesus was woke.

  2. Kungaloosh

    I think all beloved classics like this one should be withheld from the whiny snowflakes of this country until they learn to get a grip, get along and behave.

    1. Wokey Dwarf

      Sounds like the Disney movie equivalent of Lysistrata. You might be onto something there.

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