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  1. Mercedes


    1. Ray

      Leave the Disney movies alone you pansy little female dogs. Everyone gets offended by everything now. grow a pair or just do the world a favor and die.

      1. Johnno

        Ray clearly has that magical Disney spirit!

  2. HDisney

    We must never erase the past buy must instead learn from and improve upon it.

    The “Aristocats” like many other media of the time is not okay and it’s offensive. Still, the “Aristocats” also brings joy and messages of belonging and love to multiple generations.

    Erase cancel culture!

    1. Kat

      Beautifully said!!

    2. Ts

      I have always found Stitch offensive. He’s rude and obnoxious.

    3. Mike G

      Same goes for Song of the South

  3. Rox

    I am surprised they haven’t “rebooted” it yet.

    1. AaronJ001

      I believe there are plans too actually

    2. Eden Nakagawa

      I’m so ashamed of my generation now. I’m a Gen z but I’ve grew up watching those movies and all of sudden they’re offensive now??? I hope this year ends the wokeness. If not, then I have no hope for Disney.

  4. No

    OMG, Aristocats is a product of its time. It is NOT offensive! It’s the PEOPLE who have gone soft.

    1. coby preimesberger

      Exactly but because of the woke left they label anything they don’t like as offensevive and I get so sick of it as no wonder we have a generation who thinks there entitled to anything but oh wait you have an adminstration who wants to make you think everything is free and no one pays for it

    2. AaronJ001

      It’s not offensive to YOU. You do not get to pick what’s offensive and what’s not to other people

      1. Darrell H Moore

        Anything can be offensive to anybody

    3. Tee

      I totally agree. I’m sick of people being offended by everything. You’re offended? Don’t watch

  5. Jacob Allen

    I think “The Aristocats” is amazing and not offensive. “The Aristocats” must definitely be acceptable in 2024.

  6. walt

    All these little snowflakes – so offended – including Jess. Tey are SOOOO superior to us rubes and bigots that came before them. HOW in the world did we ever survive without their incredible wisdom and knowledge. My real question is who the he!! raised them and why didn’t they employ the spank more often? So many of these punks need therapy and have mental health issues yet they are continually held up as the sentinels of righteous behavior. They have created nothing. They have contributed nothing – yet everything they did deserved a trophy. Well now you see what you get. To the lot of them – go live in China and see how long before you are disappeared. OR conversely show a little respect and perspective on history. I have a big shock for them – they are not the smartest (IQ’s are decreasing) most wonderful generation EVER to inhabit the planet They are like every one else they just have a god complex.

    1. Donovan

      What you said needs to be taught to all snowflakes.

      What you are thinking NOW quite possibly was thought by the younger generation 100 years ago. For that matter 100 years in the future, your ideas will be treated with the same lack of understanding.

      Change IS GOOD! Erasing the past is not.

      1. Audrey Snoberger

        The Siamese cats are in Lady and the Tramp not Aristocats. 🤦‍♀️

      2. Audrey Snoberger

        The Siamese cats are in Lady and the Tramp not Aristocats. 🤦‍♀️
        Get it right

        1. Julianna

          She means the Siamese pianist not peggy Lee’s Siamese twin cats

  7. Lance C Liebl

    Enough with the looking back at movies that entertained millions and trying to say theyre prejudice. The only thing thats wrong is the sickness of todays society wanting to change the past. I used to go to Disney World 6 to 8 times a year. I owned a copy of every dvd and bluray. Now i wont step into Any Disney park, got rid of all the dvds and blurays, and wont buy anything Disney.. and Im sure Im not the only one that feels this way.

  8. Connie

    I am so done with things being “cancelled “ because of a few people being “offended”!
    Move on, look the other way and leave things alone!!!

    1. Johnno


      You are right! We need to bring teaching Black history into our schools! Enough with that cancel culture!!

  9. Deb R.

    I read that Target is getting rid of all Disney items in their stores. I usually don’t shop Target for my Disney stuff.

  10. Jaicee

    The fact you think this movie is the reason for that warning is a joke when their are so much worse out there.

  11. Marie

    I’m finding the latest Disney movies….including the live actions….and what’s being done to Disney World and the other parks…..more offensive than any of the old films.

  12. Ginga

    My two year old LOVES the aristocats. She has a Marie collection. Everyone gets offended by everything these days. Stop ruining the classic Disney movies with opinions.

  13. Jen

    I wonder if people are ACTUALLY offended, or are they just looking for their 15 minutes?

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