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The cast of 'Harry Potter' in the bonus scene at the end of the final film. Text has been overlayed on top that reads "canceled"

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  1. Clive

    Doubt it will be cancelled or affected in anyway. Role on the new series

  2. Henry

    I can’t wait for the new show!

  3. Christina

    JK Rowling has been able to have books published, television series created, highly successful video games published long after her publicly promoting TERF ideology. It is ludicrous and absurd to label her “cancelled”, especially “cancelled for good”. She has been criticized. Criticism is not “cancellation”. If she’s “cancelled”, she’s one of the most successful post “cancellation” people ever. We do have a celebrity culture where people consume entertainment and other things based on their love of that celebrity, and those celebrities can expect future success based on little other than that public love. Yes, people do things to tarnish their celebrity, and that does reduce how many people will consume their work. That’s the double edged sword of celebrity. No individual is obligated to consume entertainment. Individuals not loving celebrities and not consuming their products is also not “cancellation”. Calling that “cancellation” is deranged. If you hate people’s opinions individual celebrities affecting their entertainment choices, then fight against celebrity culture itself and fight against media coverage of celebrity gossip, coverage of celebrity lives, and coverage of celebrity opinions. That is where love and hate of celebrities and their effect on consumption of their products comes from.

  4. BOb

    I’m still a big fan.

    I don’t care about what authors feel about politics. It’s the work alone that matters to me.

  5. Severius Snape

    I’m a fan of an author, and a world created by that author. I frankly am not interested in her political or societal opinions in the same fashion that she is not interested in mine. By “cancelling” her and this world, it brings WAY more attention to whatever opinions one disagrees with instead of it just floating away with the next big celebrity news story. Long story short, who cares?

  6. Steve Dewhurst

    What a biased piece of reporting, totally slewed as though nobody has the right to disagree with the current thing. Rowling opened up a world of magic & reading for a generation. The books & films were great & not tinged with the political activism that pervades most media these days!

    1. CJA

      Really? I distinctly remember when Rowling announced that Albus Dumbledore was gay – way before the magical beasts movies.

  7. Nigis

    You can’t cancel J. K. Rowling. How hard is it to understand?

  8. Mike

    I think to show my support, I am going to go out and buy the movies and books again. Long live JKR

  9. George

    The pro-women positions she advocates for are truly admirable. Don’t let a little militant gender-confusion get in the way of good literature.

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