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Tomorrowland - Disney World

Credit: Disney Parks


  1. Janet

    I LOVE Carousel of Progress! Please don’t destroy it!

  2. Please save Carousel of Progress. We have to keep Walt’s project a part of his park. I love this ride and the history of family homes

  3. Nicole

    The Carousel of Progress is a tradition every time we visit the park! Please don’t get rid of it!! I say this after actually getting stuck in the ride during a rainstorm for a short period of time, but that’s part of the reason why we were there.. to get out of the rain! My whole family loves this ride and the nostalgia that surrounds it!

  4. That is my favorite ride. Never been stuck on it and wouldn’t mind if I was. Please leave it alone.

    1. Justin Oldeman

      Such a great ride, Melissa! But honestly, I’d be super scared to be stuck on any ride! I would totally be that person, screaming.

  5. Carol

    My entire family loves this ride. It is a classic and must stay for future generations to appreciate and enjoy! The fact that it was part of a world’s fair is very important to Walt Disney’s history.

  6. Debbie

    Having been on the ride at the world’s fair and at Disney World, It is important to share it with our 4th generation.

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