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Disney influencer @iheartdisneyland talks in two screenshots, a sign for the Candy Palace at Disneyland Resort is in between the two.

Credit: @iheartdisneyland via Instagram


  1. Fed Up with Entitled People

    These people are getting out of hand. Always wanting something for nothing. And if they don’t get their way, they have a temper tantrum online. Ban them all!

    1. My thoughts exactly! Always looking for hand out. If you complain an often, maybe they should ban them from the parks for a month or two. Maybe longer

  2. Cyndi

    I’m tired of influencers. They demand exceptions to the rules, and if they don’t get their way they turn to social media. I hope Disney stands their ground. Do they really think anyone is going to give a @*#p about what they complain about? I don’t!

  3. Art

    Cry Baby! I hope you don’t think your special. Cause your not and most people could give 2 hoots about your problem.
    These so called influencers think they are special. Their special alright. They need a helmet on in a padded room.

  4. Lea

    Stop rewarding bad behavior!

  5. Danielle Nabozny

    She got all she deserved. Sorry (not) that it wasn’t what she expected but it is time these people are cut off from what they think they are entitled to.

  6. AJ

    So this person, intentionally orders an item she knows ahead of time isn’t available on said day, then demands not only a refund but further compensation? She’s the problem, not Disney staff. Does she have a “real” job – if she did, am sure she wouldn’t tolerate this behavior. Maybe they should’ve banned her from park vs. giving her a refund – she tried to cheat the system and it backfired!

  7. Jerry Atrix

    Give this “influencer” her woobie and binkie as a parting gift. She gets zero sympathies from this non-influencer.

  8. She knew it was an error. Tried anyway and received refund. Should not expect anything else. She was just trying to make trouble to put on her page. Another spoiled brat.

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