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A collage of Brie Larson as Captain Marvel, the Ariana DeBose-voiced Asha, and Daisy Ridley as Rey

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  1. Jellbells

    Didn’t everyone say boycotts don’t work? The job of an entertainment company is to entertain consumers. If the consumers don’t like the woke drivel that you are peddling, then you can either continue on with your losses or change course. Blaming them will not help your failed situation.

    1. Daryl-Rhys

      But if the audience is stupid then it’s up to the entertainers to correct that stupid audience.

      1. Aait

        No it isn’t

    2. K.R.


  2. Gary

    You got it Jellbells !

  3. Chris

    You mean “they’re listening?”

  4. Jerry Atrix

    Here’s a thought Disney….Stop pushing an agenda that the majority of your fan base disapproves of. Kinda simple really.

  5. Oh really

    “No solution in sight”? Sure there is. 1. Aim for quality instead of merely checking off virtue signaling boxes. 2. Stop the blackwashed reboots. There is a rich diverse cultural smorgasbord – use it to create compelling new stories.

  6. Aait

    God I hope Bob does ..”” Listen”‘ and stop bastardising classic characters .if you want woke characters ..create new ones with suitable roles and if people like them they will watch them and you can’t be accused of ruining classics ..

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