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Left: Splash Mountain before it closed. Right: Scaffolding surrounds the mountain, which is now covered in greenery and flowers as construction on Tiana's Bayou Adventure continues.

Credit: Disney / @bioreconstruct via X (formerly known as Twitter)


  1. Walt

    excited? no it’s crap more pandering to the woke crowd. I’m done with Disney.

  2. Deb

    Just glad it hasn’t taken several years to finish,but it’s not open yet 😂still time

  3. Mike G

    I hope a Cat 5 hurricane comes and makes a direct hit on that ride. Would be karma for replacing what was once a beloved ride by many

    1. Jeneane

      Every ride is beloved by many. But they can’t stay the same forever. I know change hurts and is frightening for a lot of people, but I’m so happy that they are working to update the parks the way that people have been asking for!

      1. Steve

        First of all Splash Mountain is not closed and Disney backed down. Splash Mountain will still be there for WDW’s 75th and Disneyland’s centennial. Second, Yes things can stay the same forever and when I take over Disney and make it great again, the parks will reach a point where they will stay the same. The parks can survive on the Disney name alone and will under me. Everything will be done by asking “What would Walt do?” again which is what Disney management did after his death, even if that means stagnating and being stuck in the 20th century.

      2. Marie

        Frightening?? 😂😂😂 Are you kidding me?

        No…the ride was popular and loved.

      3. Anonymous

        First of all that is not true. Not every ride is loved by many. Themes like this one turn into failures and are known to get shut down. You forget? People say that the Starcruiser Hotel is loved by many, it was a lie. It failed and got shut down permanently for obvious reasons. The same thing may happen to this failure.

      4. Who, me?

        Who the asked for it? Hood Rats anonymous?

  4. Get Serious

    There’s a reason he an Ex imagineer.

  5. myob

    I’ve been long done with Disney now they feel they have to destroy attractions to create new ones splash mountain wasn’t the only one anyone else remember The Great movie Ride and the sad and sorry replacement or how about how they took the Tower of terror and changed it into a marvel abortion. The magic has been sucked out of Disney. Save your money they’re dangerously overpriced as it is.

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