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Overtop an image of Mickey Mouse in 'Steamboat Willie' are the YouTube logo and a headshot of YouTuber Quinton Reviews.

Credit: Google/YouTube, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Quinton Kyle Hoover via X (formerly known as Twitter)


  1. Denise

    Good Lord. Take a breath. YouTube can’t monitor every single piece of intellectual property on the planet in that way.

    File a claim. They fix it. Bam, problem solved. Everyone is still entitled these days.

    1. Aj

      They can monitor every single piece of intellectual property. They’re actually monitoring more than that since this piece doesn’t have any IP claim anymore. If they can’t, then stop monitor these ones and they have less things to monitor and everybody happy.
      They automatically check against a list so removing public domain content from their filter should be the solution, but they’re afraid of Disney

  2. Daryl-Rhys

    These youtubers shouldn’t have it in the first place

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