‘How To Train Your Dragon’ Actor Returning to Role for Live-Action Remake

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Credit: DreamWorks Animation

How to Train Your Dragon (2010) actor Gerard Butler is reprising his role in the upcoming live-action remake of the beloved DreamWorks film.

Announced in early 2023, the reboot of How to Train Your Dragon is expected to follow the same tale of Hiccup, a boy from the Viking village of Berk, who befriends a dragon named Toothless – despite his village actively hunting and killing dragons.

Hiccup and the rest of the characters from How To Train Your Dragon film franchise
Credit: DreamWorks

In May 2023, Universal Pictures cast Mason Thames and Nico Parker as Hiccup and Astrid – Hiccup’s love interest – respectively. Now, Deadline has revealed that Gerard Butler will play Hiccup’s father and chief of Berk, Stoick.

Butler provided the voice of Stoick in all three How to Train Your Dragon films, using his native Scottish accent for the role. It seems only right that he’ll take on the role again for the live-action version, especially considering that he’s now around the same age as the character.

What do we know about the How To Train Your Dragon live-action remake so far?

Originally set for release on March 14, 2025, the new How To Train Your Dragon has been pushed back slightly due to the knock-on effect of the 2023 Writers Guild and SAG-AFTRA strikes. It was initially set to start filming in summer 2023.

How to Train Your Dragon's Toothless (left) and Hiccup (right) sharing meaningful moment
Credit: DreamWorks

It will now hit theaters on June 13, 2025 (although we wouldn’t be surprised if that date is pushed back again at some point), and will be led by Dean DeBlois – the same man who wrote and directed the original animated trilogy. DeBlois previously also helmed Lilo & Stitch (2002) and was a story co-head for Mulan (1998), so it’s safe to say we’re in good hands.

If things go well for the live-action How To Train Your Dragon, it’s safe to assume that, studios being studios, audiences can expect sequels. Fortunately, all three installments of the How To Train Your Dragon trilogy are well-regarded by critics, all scoring critics scores of over 90% on Rotten Tomatoes. All three films were also nominated for Best Animated Film at the Academy Awards.

How to Train Your Dragon's Toothless (right) flying and Hiccup (left) in glider suit
Credit: DreamWorks

A release date of 2025 is especially convenient considering the upcoming opening of Universal Orlando Resort’s third theme park, Epic Universe. The park will feature an entire land dedicated to How To Train Your Dragon, providing Universal with the perfect opportunity for cross-promotion.

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