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Bob Chapek at DLP Avengers Campus.


  1. P.C.Knott

    He’s going into the medical business. We all know medical means money. Let’s see if Bob will keep his “Paycheck” moniker here as well.

  2. Walt

    Please stop blaming Chapik alone for the demise of Disney. Bob Iger and his band of politically correct and woke band of pukes has done more damage than Chapek could have ever done. BOB IGER IS the reason Disney sucks

    1. Jo

      No Bob iger grew that co.check yourself

    2. Charles

      And yet, it was under chapek that Disney got in its war with DeSantis and became widely known (outside Disney circles) as “woke”

  3. Fjdn

    Jesus. That dude needed to be shoved back to fry cook at McDonald’s. Most incompetent man and he should not be near healthcare

  4. Gabriel L Rush

    Leave Mr. Iger alone. I’m still writing a letter for his final request before his replacement. Which his final request is to make two companies of Disney and Adywan Productions merged, so Star Wars fans from around the world won’t believe their eyes: about changes of the special effects from the effects of Special Edition version of the Original Trilogy of Star Wars to the Revisited Edition version of Star Wars.

  5. Beth W.

    Most people go into corporate medical for the money, and we know that’s what Chapek is all about, so he should flourish there. Granted, the people on the user side (patients) won’t, but that won’t concern him. Iger did the best he could with the mess that Chapek left him. The Board isn’t going to let him roll back any of the increased prices. All we can do now is hope they don’t ruin any more rides by “updating” them.

  6. Gabriel L Rush

    Which is merge two companies of Star Wars between US and UK.

    1. Steve

      Disney is getting broken up under anti-monopoly laws and Star Wars will be taken away to be handed back to the Lucas family by the government.

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