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A family enjoys a meal at Boma at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge, taken from the Disney Dining Plan official information page.

Credit: Disney


  1. James Truxton

    Disney meal plan is over priced! We always used to buy the Delux Meal plan and since Disney paused the plan we are spending half using pay as you go. My wife and I can eat for a week for less than the cost of one meal plan and we eat at at least 4 signature restaurants every trip. We’ll never buy the meal plan again.

    1. Simple GREED!

  2. Deb

    We never bought the meal plan. Some of the issue was reservations. In the old days with no park reservations, we didn’t where we would be. Also just can’t eat steak every night to get our money’s worth.

  3. Patches

    Also noticed that pizza from the resorts changed to 2 QS credits credits for a Large Pizza and 2 drinks, pick up.

  4. Dr. Movie

    Simple GREED!

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