James Gunn’s DCU Changes Everything With One Essential Detail

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The DCU will start with an amazing start, thanks to one big change that James Gunn made ahead of the reboot.

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While the reboot is still over a year away, with several projects in early development, DC hasn’t failed to keep fans excited for their new era. Even as the last projects of the DCEU arrive in theaters, fans are constantly reminded that Gunn’s new era of DC storytelling won’t include those stories. The only hard part is trying to figure out who will play who, as Gunn will be keeping some DC actors but won’t let some keep their roles in the previous DC movies. Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, and other heroes are being recast with a focus on younger actors and actresses to take on the role.

Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, and Gal Gadot might not have their roles in the new universe, but that doesn’t mean the franchise won’t manage to tell amazing stories. Unlike the MCU, DC has dodged a few bullets that might put them on track to compete directly with the MCU immediately. For years, DC has trailed behind Marvel not because they have worse characters but because the stories they told were inconsistent and tended to retcon events more than expand the universe. To end the DCEU, Jason Momoa’s Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom (2023) will be the final movie Warner Bros. Discovery releases before diving straight into the DCU.

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With Superman: Legacy (2025), Gunn is launching the DCU and COVID, and the strikes won’t affect the franchise. Unlike Marvel, DC’s slate was farther in the future with when content would be released, and the strikes didn’t hinder production. This meant that DC could get much work done now and not disappoint fans while Marvel was trying to salvage their mess. This doesn’t mean that DC has an easy road to making constant box office successes. Unlike Marvel, DC’s track record is questionable, and Gunn will have to prove to fans that this new version of the franchise is worth the investment.

Thankfully, it won’t take years for the universe to feel lived in with movies like Superman, including other heroes like Guy Gardner and other minor heroes who would help save the day in the DC universe. This change allows fewer stories to feel like every new face will get a movie but will help prevent mistakes like the Eternals crew feeling like a team of strong super heroes who just vanished and reappeared when the time was right.

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People will be around saving the day when Superman is working hard to stop Lex Luthor, and while this story is just the beginning, it’s the step in the right direction that will keep the DCU in good shape. Delays and pointless spinoffs aren’t something fans are worried and having the extra time to launch the DCU feels like a move that will help get the franchise back on its feet.

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