Crowds Swarm Disney World, Guests Waiting Over Two Hours per Ride - Inside the Magic

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Guests look on inside the Magic Kingdom besides the Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse statue, Partners, at Walt Disney World Resort

Credit: Disney


  1. Denise

    Where are all the far right snowflakes screaming, “Go woke, go broke”?!

    They must have found their safe space, far away from their many triggers.

    1. Steve

      Right here and the statement holds true. The parks were ghost towns during Christmas. You are also not allowed legally to use the word “snowflake.” And only right wingers are Americans.

      1. Denise

        Oh, were you there? I’d love to see pictures!

      2. Denise

        None of my replies to Steve are posting due to the spam filter. Perhaps ITM is also a snowflake who, like the rest of the far right extremists, hate freedom of speech?

  2. Paddie O'Furniture

    Awww, denuts is projecting again. Typical for its ilk.

    1. Denise

      Paddie, friend… You’re cute. You gobbling tiny Ron DeSantis’s knob later today?

      1. Paddie O'Furniture

        Awww. You’re just mad at him for passing that death penalty thing for what you do to kids.

  3. Ron

    Overall sales are probably down due to a woke agenda but I’ve never seen such chaos at the parks, in 25 years of coming here. Wall to wall people, for every ride and every restaurant. It was tough trying to get in a lot of rides. Still, beautiful castle shows and ambiance but a bit disappointing considering the price tag. I probably won’t be back at Christmas time.

    1. Denise

      I think what people have trouble distinguishing is what this idea of wokeness really means, because that is vital to understanding what the long term business impact will be.

      It’s currently defined as “anything I don’t like,” which seriously damages the ability to define, operationalize, and respond to the conversation.

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