Disney+ Wants Season 2 of Male Stripper Show, Report

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The Walt Disney Company is best known for its legendary array of children’s entertainment, from its original animated feature film Snow White and the Seven Dwarves (1937) to the Renaissance years of Beauty and the Beast (1991) and The Lion King (1994) to its most recent film, Wish. In recent years, however, the company has started to pack the Disney+ streaming service with more mature-themed material and is reportedly interested in another season of a show themed around a male stripper revue: The Full Monty.

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The Full Monty, a follow-up streaming service to the 1997 movie of the same title, premiered on Disney+ earlier this year in the United Kingdom and on Hulu in the United States. The original film was a massive success, grossing $257 million worldwide, and was nominated for a slew of Academy Awards; over time, it has become an increasingly sprawling franchise, now including a stage play and a musical.

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The original film starred Robert Carlyle as the leader of an ensemble cast of unemployed steelworkers who form a male striptease revue to make money; while the movie focused more on working-class concerns, it’s inarguably still a movie about dancing nude for money, not exactly the Disney brand.

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Most American audiences (and critics) skipped the Full Monty TV series, leaving it up in the air whether the series will get a second season. According to The Sun, insiders claim that Disney is actively interested, saying:

“Talks are ongoing about whether it will make it, but everyone felt there was so much promise behind revisiting the story and a few tweaks could make a second series land better. Discussions are under way, with some influential people behind the scenes trying their best to make it happen.”

We will take this news with a large grain of salt, considering that The Sun is not always the most reliable of U.K. news sources, but it should be taken into account that Disney was the company that greenlit The Full Monty streaming service in the first place.

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It can be assumed that the first season of The Full Monty streamed on Hulu rather than Disney+ because of potentially risque content and mature themes, but given that the two streaming services will be merging into one in just a few months, there’s a decent chance that male strippers will be part of Disney+ content soon.

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