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Chris Hemsworth as a Consfused Thor marvel

Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. JB

    NOVA! 💙

  2. Anything Disney touches is toxic, anti-American, anti-religion, and steeped in Cultural Marxism. Disney is a far worse threat to common decency than NAMBLA. Disney is evil.

  3. Mick

    Marvel should sack Kevin Feige immediately..They have no idea about making movies more intent on pushing the “message” …sack Feige & reboot the entire franchise using source material from the golden age ..Stop hiring directors for their gender or colour of their skin ..What we want to see is Superheroes in costume fighting super villains in costume with good story & direction..I could direct a better movie or TV show than the absolute rubbish they are hoping we watch

  4. Terry

    Tell stories, don’t preach “cultural enlightment”. The MCU started well by focusing on beloved, iconic characters and telling their stories. Skip the “woke” propaganda and go back to the source material.

    1. Jason

      Someone missed the message in every comic book

  5. Batman

    To be politically correct it wasn’t iron man that kicked off Marvel it was Blade!!

  6. I think Marvel is still watchable. Especially since new characters are being introduced.

  7. Jonathan

    Marvel has a lot of characters that are not part of any other family or mythology such as Captain Marvel Dazzler. Ghost Rider Alpha flight clandestine Black knight kazar. Jim Hammond aka original human torch Captain Britain etc .Time to expand.

  8. D

    I think it’s hilarious how many people are triggered by Disney simply being more inclusive. I guarantee those of you crying about “diversity” and “woke culture” are the same people who call other people snowflakes.

    I do appreciate it though, please keep showing your ignorance. It makes it so much easier to know who’s opinions have zero merit.

    1. RichM

      Inclusive?! What a crock of s$#@. Enough of the BS. Nobody cares about your foolishness. Your mother didn’t tell you you are worthless for nothing now did she?!? A bunch of cry babies wanting to ” included because their own families ignored them. You poor thing..They have meds for your kind of idiocy…Oh and you ARE A MUMBLING BUMBLING DEMENTIA RIDDEN CREEPY SLEEPY CORRUPT TO THE CORE CORPSE VOTING NUTBAG..aka a SNOWFLAKE FOOL.

    2. Leo

      LOL. Says the one called “D” showing a new high score in ignorance. Seems like you don’t get good storytelling or the core concept of “inclusion”. As you lash out at people for having an opinion. Very inclusive of you. The best part is, you don’t understand your own hypocrisy, or you don’t believe what you say and you’re making subtle comedy at the expense of anyone who reads your post. Good job!

  9. John

    I have watched everything marvel has put out. The problem with them is they are in a rush to put out material and the storyline sacrifices. Bringing back characters like iron man and cap shouldn’t matter cause marvel has so many characters to choose from they can keep it fresh for ever. BUT make the storyline good and don’t rush things. Rumor has I marvel had the battle scene of endgame story boarded out for years before filming. They need to take there time and produce good movies and the fans like me will follow

  10. I. B. Hatin

    Just make decent movies. No big secret what the problem is.

  11. Deanna

    DISNEY is trying to be too Woke. Go back to bed.

  12. Matt

    In my opinion… They need to take their time when coming out with new content. Not something that’s slapped together and called good. Love and Thunder was a complete disaster because Gorr was one villain that needed to be broken into instead of one-offing him.

  13. Matt

    Or rather. Gorr was one villain that had extreme potential. But that potential was wasted when he was killed off at the end of Love and Thunder. With Deadpool 3 coming out, it’s a major opportunity to introduce Omega Red. Being both a villain for Wolverine and Deadpool, he’s the best pick. Because like Gorr, he’s definitely a force to be reckoned with.

  14. Matt

    I think there’s so much more to be done,read the comics, take it all in and develop chemistry with each and every character as I did since my childhood into adulthood. Just because a movie flops doesn’t always mean to abandon ship. I mean there were so many issues I might have read and could care less about reading again but doesn’t mean I gave up on the characters or Marvel/ DC etc. just do your homework and create whatever me magic we found on the pages all those years ago. When you can find that formula, it’ll all come to life.

  15. Leo

    End game killed the MCU. Many people watched the entire movie series only to get the turd pile that was end game. It started with some disasters like Miss Marvel’s character, but series is already dead on arrival.

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