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Animated Ariel looking shock, Halle Bailey as Ariel sitting on a rock underwater in 'The Little Mermaid' live action

Credit: Walt Disney Studios


  1. Jacob Allen

    I love Jodi Benson as Ariel. I even thought Halle Bailey did pretty good in the live action remake.

    1. Not me, Jodi Benson will always be Ariel to me. This Halle Bailey girl doesn’t hold a candle to Jodi Benson….. the live action is a disgrace

      1. christine

        you can believe that, but halle shows more vocal skill than jodi in her version of part of your world. i love jodi as the icon i grew up with, but anyone who says halle can’t be ariel is deluded.


      3. Eric

        I agree disney ruined the little mermaid!!! Why can’t Disney stop ruining time classic cartoons making live action movies Walt Disney would be turning over in his grave!!!

  2. Disney is become way to woke I agree with Elon musk, and I stand with him. People are abandoning and boycotting Disney because of what it has become walt would be ashamed

    1. Amanda R

      Yes, because black people are taking these roles? Get over yourself! Halle is a way better singer and the live action was fantastic.

    2. We get it ! WOKE MEANS BLACK PEOPLE GET TO SHINE! And being white and privileged DON’T CUT IT ANYMORE! SO YOU CAN BOUNCE ✌🏿✌🏿

  3. James

    I grew up on the animated The Little Mermaid, when I had heard about the live action remake I waited for it to come to disney+ to watch, and I found that I liked it. Does it bother me that the torch is being passed? Not at all, there are roles that change hands over time. Jodi will always be associated with Ariel, Halle I thought did a fantastic job in the remake.

  4. Herway8

    I was inspired for the younger girls. Then turned totally off pregnancy, allegedly, and disrespectful, no confidence boyfriend. God gave her a beautiful start, but she chose to leach onto a guy . Had the world at her hand. Wow the things we choose, over all given.

  5. James

    Tbh after watching the little mermaid both live and animated, I prefer animated the live action was a little dark and although there was some good singing but I believe that haily bailey did not do as much effort as the original, sometimes it is good to have change but when a character is fully established why mess with it, I know that Disney is trying to focus of equality, Diversity and inclusion (EDI) in Thier magic but the way they are doing it is a wrong way they are focused way to hard on the minority rather than equal amounts between minorities and the rest, haily bailey is a good actress when she needs to be but casting her as Ariel is Questionable at best, i am sure she did her best though but my thoughts stands with animated little mermaid ( I respect any political differences and see equality as a must) I think Disney needs to revise on what the magic of equality is personally

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