‘Yellowstone’ Abandons Kevin Costner, Show Canceled

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L-R: Cole Hauser (Rip Wheeler) and Kevin Kostner (John Dutton) in Yellowstone

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The future of CBS’s beloved Yellowstone television show has been revealed.

The series, which is partly filmed with the stunning backdrop of Yellowstone National Park and is set in the state of Montana, has garnered a massive following, exploring themes of loyalty, power, corruption, and the clash between rural traditions and modern interests. The ensemble cast, including standout performances from Kelly Reilly, Luke Grimes, Wes Bentley, Cole Hauser, and others, has played a significant role in the show’s success.

Cole Hauser (Rip Wheeler) and Finn Little (Carter) in Yellowstone
Credit: Paramount

At the heart of the show is the central figure, John Dutton, portrayed by the iconic Kevin Costner. Costner’s performance as the stoic ranch owner and family patriarch brings a commanding presence and emotional depth to the character, making him a standout in the series.

As John Dutton, Costner navigates the complex web of power struggles, family dynamics, and political intrigue that define Yellowstone. His portrayal adds a layer of authenticity to the narrative, showcasing the character’s resilience and determination in the face of various threats to his family’s legacy. Costner’s on-screen chemistry with the ensemble cast further enhances the show’s appeal, creating a believable and compelling family dynamic.

Kevin Costner as John Dutton in 'Yellowstone'
Credit: Paramount

Costner’s contribution to Yellowstone goes beyond his on-screen presence. As a seasoned actor with a storied career, his involvement in the series lends it a sense of gravitas and credibility. His portrayal of John Dutton has resonated with viewers, solidifying the character as a central and indispensable part of the Yellowstone experience. As the series approaches its conclusion with the announcement of the final episodes in November 2024, Costner’s role as John Dutton remains a key element in the show’s lasting impact on its audience.

Amid speculation about the show’s future due to ongoing SAG-AFTRA strikes— which just came to an end– and uncertainties surrounding Kevin Costner’s availability, it has been confirmed that Yellowstone will conclude after Season 5. However, fans can rejoice as the series has two spinoffs in the works.

The first spinoff, titled Yellowstone 2024, will explore a present-day story, while the second, Yellowstone 1944, will serve as a prequel. Following the success of previous spinoffs 1883 and 1923, these new additions aim to continue the franchise’s compelling storytelling and take audiences on thrilling new journeys.

Kevin Costner (John Dutton) and Kelly Reilly (Beth Dutton) in Yellowstone
Credit: Paramount

Showtime and MTV Entertainment Studios’ president and CEO, Chris McCarthy, expressed excitement about the franchise’s growth and the upcoming spinoffs, promising unexpected and compelling storytelling. However, details about the cast’s involvement in the spinoffs and the remaining episodes of Season 5 remain undisclosed.

At this time, however, we don’t have good news for fans who were hoping to see Kevin Costner return to the role as John Dutton in the final part of Yellowstone Season 5. Though there was hope that Costner could return for the filming, there is now a report indicating that the exact opposite is the truth.

In a recent episode of The Town Podcast, Matthew Belloni– a prominent National Entertainment Journalist– shared that Costner would mostly likely not be returning to the show.

“And the question is whether Costner is in those final episodes of this season of ‘Yellowstone’ and my understanding is that, as of now, he is not gonna be in those episodes,” Belloni said.

Cole Hauser (Rip), Luke Grimes (Kayce Dutton), and Kevin Costner (John Dutton) in CBS's Yellowstone
Credit: Paramount

Belloni said that Costner’s new Western movie, titled Horizon, could benefit from Yellowstone‘s new release but that it would “deny him the promotion” that would have come had the show been released earlier.

“It’s not why they did it, but Paramount bumping the final episodes of the now Costner-free ‘Yellowstone’ to November is a fitting kiss-off because it’s well after Kevin’s two-part Western opus ‘Horizon’ hits theaters this summer, thus denying him the promotion that would have come with the return of TV’s No. 1 show.”

While there’s still a chance that Kevin Costner could return, it’s looking less and less likely currently.

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