Tom Cruise Fan Draws Gun on Cop Who Spoiled ‘Top Gun: Maverick’

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While there have been many accomplished actors since the advent of cinema, it is rare to have one pull in an audience from a name alone, much less over the course of four decades. It usually takes numerous successes and unparalleled charisma to earn an iconic reputation with the likes of De Niro, Denzel, DiCaprio, Brando, and Hanks. Tom Cruise has paved a legendary career with an indisputable passion for filmmaking. He has starred in a multitude of classic films that have become so popular one man was willing to stop spoilers through lethal force.

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Tom Cruise started his career in 1981 where he took on small parts in movies, such as Endless Love (1981), Taps (1981), and The Outsiders (1983). Later that year, his breakout role was as the protagonist in the hit film Risky Business. Then, the release of Top Gun (1986) cemented him as a movie superstar.  Mission Impossible (1996) would be his first producing credit in cinema. Since then, he has produced nearly every film he has starred in to secure his creative vision for each project.

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The Jack Reacher star’s biggest hit in the last few years was the long-awaited sequel, Top Gun: Maverick (2022). In addition to the stellar ensemble cast, the movie enthralled its audiences due to its immersive and up-close action sequences. Tom Cruise is notoriously known for doing his own stunts, so he learned to fly and required that his castmates endure aerial combat training. This helped add to the authenticity of their performances. The Edge of Tomorrow A-lister also made it a point as a producer to have the dog fight aerial scenes use minimal computer generated special effects.

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This was an unusual creative choice for a major studio considering Hollywood is so accustomed to using CGI for many action-heavy sequences. The choice was a monumental achievement for the movie as it went on to gross $1.4 billion worldwide, as well as gain six Oscar nominations, including the coveted ‘Best Picture’ selection. It not only reinvigorated a struggling summer movie season, but galvanized a new fanbase.

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Top Gun Mania” was not fun for everyone as one of Cruise’s biggest fans finally pleaded guilty for “carrying a firearm with disregard.” The assailant was in fact a police officer from Sydney, Australia who threatened to shoot a fellow law enforcement colleague who was spoiling major plot details from Tom Cruise’s acclaimed sequel. Court Filings stated that after officer Morgan Royston flippantly ruined the movie, compelling fellow officer Dominic Gaynor to pull out his revolver and point it “in the vicinity” of Royston.

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Royston allegedly said to Gaynor, “I’ll spoil it for you.” In response, an enraged Gaynor warned he would shoot Royston and said, “Don’t spoil the movie.” He then pulled his Glock from its holster and pointed it at Royston while “holding it stationary for five seconds.” Gaynor’s “finger was on the receiver and not the trigger” and he was apparently laughing at the time of the occurrence. “A case where the skylarking and tomfoolery in an employment context has gone awry,” his attorney said of the event.

Royston did admit in court on November 9, 2023 that the event caused him to experience depression. Police officers frequently “share jokes and tease each other,” he said, but this event was different and left him feeling “overwhelmed with shock and fear.”


He declared, “I have totally lost my respect and trust for the NSW Police Force.” “I now feel obligated to watch police officers and make sure their hands are not on their guns when I see them.”

A conviction, according to Gaynor’s attorney, would “definitely see him removed from the police force.” Gaynor committed a terrible error. “This is going to cost him dearly,” the attorney said. In addition to a documented conviction, Gaynor received a two-year community correction and 100 hours of community service.

What do you think of this fan’s actions? Did the punishment fit the crime?

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