Netflix’s ‘Wednesday’ Update Reveals Main Cast Immediately Quits Show

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Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams

Credit: Netflix

It appears that Netflix’s hit series, Wednesday, will be hitting some roadblocks before season 2 is even able to debut.

Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams with Thing
Credit: Netflix

After Wednesday Addams (played by Jenna Ortega) exacts revenge on the bullies who targeted her brother Pugsley (portrayed by Isaac Ordonez), she faces expulsion from high school. In response, her parents Morticia (depicted by Catherine Zeta-Jones) and Gomez (played by Luis Guzmán) make the decision to enroll her in Nevermore Academy, a boarding school designed for misfits, where they had met years before.

Initially, Wednesday is resolute about escaping at her earliest chance, but as time goes by, she finds a compelling reason to remain. Wednesday is a coming of age horror comedy, with a unique spin on teenagers navigating life away from their parents. We are able to see characters discover love and friendship for the first time, all while taking place in a world of the supernatural.

Wednesday debuted on Netflix on November 23, 2022 and instantly shattered ratings for the streaming platform. The show took away the most watched hours award from Stranger Things.

Jenna Ortega as Wednesday
Credit: Netflix

Following its initial record of 341.2 million hours streamed during its debut week, Wednesday’s viewership from November 28 to December 4 had exceeded that mark, reaching an impressive 411.29 million hours viewed globally.

This achievement not only surpasses the previous record set by the series just a week after its debut, but also established Wednesday as the sole English-language series to have ever accumulated over 400 million hours of viewership within a single week.

At the moment, Squid Games still holds the leading number of 571.76 million hours of watch time on Netflix.

That being said, Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos has noted that as soon as the SAG-AFTRA strike comes to an end, Netflix’s main focus will be on Stranger Things season 5, and the Tim Burton series, Wednesday. The Jenna Ortega-led show has been dubbed as the “official” Stranger Things replacement by many, as its sheer success matches what we have seen with Stranger Things, and with one show coming to an end, and another barely getting started –both in the spooky realm starring teens as the leading roles — makes Wednesday the perfect fit to transfer what will be a sad audience after the conclusion of Stranger Things.

Credit: Netflix

Jenna Ortega herself has had her career skyrocket, and now, is considered a sort of scream queen with the amount of horror flicks under her belt at such a young age. Although she began her career on the Disney Channel with Stuck in the Middle she then entered the realm of “creepy” with the Netflix series You, since then she has starred in various horror films and is even a titular character in the Scream franchise, having starred in Scream 5 and Scream 6.

She will also be starring as Lydia Deetz’s daughter in Beetlejuice 2, another Tim Burton film.

Interestingly enough, it was recently revealed that when Ortega was offered the role of Wednesday Addams, the actress turned it down as she was looking to work on feature films and not a series. In the end, it was the allure of working with Tim Burton that had her curious to try the role out.

While Ortega has seemed overall beloved by the media, other characters in Wednesday have had a bad rap.

wednesday and roomamte
Credit: Netflix

Percy Hynes White, who played Xavier Thorpe in season 1 of Wednesday has recently been announced to be written out of the show. When news broke of his sudden departure from the successful franchise, it was shocking as season 1 ended with a set-up that had audiences believing that Wednesday and Xavier would have a long-term love interest with each other, which would be a slow burn as the seasons carried on.

Their chemistry was palpable throughout season 1, which ended with the duo exchanging phone numbers.

Percy was accused of certain allegations that have no merit behind them at the moment; however, it seems that much like Disney did with Johnny Depp and Pirates of the Caribbean, Netflix has washed their hands of the young actor in fear that there was truth to the allegations presented. Burton even told Percy he saw a lot of himself within the oddball actor, so it was certainly a large loss for the franchise.

Now, another character has left the show before season 2 filming could conclude.

The Independent wrote, “Wednesday has now been hit with a blow following the news that Thora Birch, who joined the show in a regular role, has had to quit without completing her scenes.” Birch is well known for her work in Hocus Pocus.

Thora Burch in Hocus Pocus
Credit: Disney+

A representative for MGM, who produces the series, said, “Thora has returned to the States to attend to a personal matter and will not be returning to the production.”

The publication continued, “According to sources who spoke to the outlet, Ghost World actor Birch has had to go home to deal with an illness in the family. It’s also reported that, while Birch didn’t complete her scenes, she had “finished filming the bulk” of the role. In season two, Birch will play Wednesday’s dorm mother Tamara Novak.”

Since a lot of the filming was completed, there is a chance that Burch may still appear in season 2; however, they could also go into reshoots and cast a new actor if there is more filming that is essential to the script needed to be completed.

This is certainly another tough pill to swallow for the franchise, which has been pushed to a sudden halt for five months now due to the ongoing strike.

At the moment, there is no news on a release date for Wednesday season 2.

Do you think that Wednesday season 2 will debut in 2024? 

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