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Marvel's Avengers including Thor, Black Widow, Captain Avenger, Hawkeye, Iron Man, and the Hulk, look up at the destruction of the city.

Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. RickTR

    They are so concerned with portraying every culture except European.

    1. Deborah

      European culture has been pretty much the only culture portrayed in American movies for decades. Marvel believes (and I agree) that other cultures deserve to be heard from as well. They have much to offer to add depth and mystery to Marvel stories! Legends and traditions from other cultures add richness to storylines.
      Fyi, Natasha Romanoff and her brother were from Eastern Europe, and Vision is British.

    2. Bobby

      You’re right….. captain marvel, dr strange, starlord,bucky and spiderman are totally not European. Quit crying because marvel who had always tried to be inclusive is being inclusive on the characters they introduce

  2. Alex

    Natasha didn’t die in endgame. Great research work.

  3. G

    Why even use a character whose powers you think are lame to just change her origin. Either use a character whose powers suit what you want, don’t use her, or create a new character. The major complaint of most fans is not sticking to the source material.

  4. Jack

    Take a hint, not many want to see the “wokeverse”. It’s been shoved in our face for years now.

    Keep making lousy woke movies and a large % of people will ignore them.

    1. Ariee

      Politics has literally been in the mcu SINCE THE BEGINNING of the mcu….

  5. ZJACK77

    “Marvel Spotlight” doesn’t seem to be adding anything new to the game. But, I do agree with the changes to Echo, because of the similarity to Taskmaster.

  6. Dan

    Calling it “superhero fatigue,”
    is non-sense. In truth, people were thrilled with “End Game,” and excited to see how they’d top it, because audiences never get tired of good stories. But the moment Disney started promoting “woke” politics instead of just continuing to tell fun, escapist stories, they blamed the audiences rejection on “super hero fatigue,” instead of course correcting back to what worked. They’ve doubled down and force fed us more politics and race swapping ever since, and they’ll continue to lose audiences as long as they continue to do that.

    1. John frick

      I totally agree. Super hero fatigue is bs. They have turned what were once suspenseful action packed masterpieces into woke comedies with really bad directors and writing as well as misxSr heroes. Me marvel is awful and so was eternals. Quantumania was a comedy. Terrible.

      1. Argon

        The word of the day is “woke.”

  7. John frick

    That should read “miscast heroes” and Ms Marvell.

  8. gmk2311

    The authors conclusion is hilarious!😂😂
    ” it’s definitely the first step to a stronger, more cohesive Marvel universe. ”
    By making the stories independent and non-cohesive!?? 😂😂

    1. Argon

      Right since this “separate” series includes a character from TWO previous series and stars a character from one of them. No, this is no different than the rest.

      But I will agree the lack of excitement is NOT due to superhero burnout but a general lack of direction and quality. The MCU, like the comic books, was built on cohesive stories that were part of a bigger world. The stuff after End Game was just random. If the product would have been good the public would have enjoyed it.

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