Guest Evades Security, Engages in Illegal Activity Inside Disney Park

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A picture of Sleeping Beauty Castle with Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse's Partners statue in the foreground at Disneyland Park in Disneyland Resort

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A Disney guest is scrutinized and verbally attacked on social media following a photo showcasing the individual conducting illegal activity after successfully evading Disneyland security.

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Disneyland News Over the Last Week

Some closures and not-so-magical things have happened recently at Disneyland Resort in California. An angry and disgruntled guest claimed to be “trapped” in line for Radiator Springs Racers at Disney California Adventure Park. According to multiple videos, several guests collapsed from exhaustion from standing in line.

Guests are also outcrying and calling a recent Disneyland closure an “awful” and “pandering” decision. The location in question is Beast’s Library, located inside Disney California Adventure Park. Based on the classic Beauty and the Beast film, fans have called the area a “hidden gem,” bringing frustration towards the park for permanently shutting down the location.

The Disneyland parks are being rendered a “ghost town” following a decision by Disney to lockout Annual Pass holders for up to 6 weeks from entering the parks, leading to a decline in wait times, crowd levels, and more on certain days. Imagine Key Magic Key holders are upset that they can not enter the parks for December.

The official Disneyland pin trading logo with the Sleeping Beauty Castle in the background of Disneyland Resort.
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But aside from the news mentioned above, the biggest news coming out of Disneyland right now is the return of Pin Traders to the parks and how they can no longer set up shop anywhere they’d like. Recently, Disney announced the decision to ban Pin Traders from specific locations. The new rules include: 

  • Pins can’t be traded for money, gifts, vouchers, or receipts.
  • Visitors suspected of abusing the guidelines may be removed from the park.
  • Pin trading using lanyards is permitted throughout the parks at any time.
  • Guest pin trading, outside of a lanyard, will only be permitted in Disneyland Park near Westward Ho Trading Company, from park opening to 3:00 p.m. daily.
  • The use of benches is banned.

The change has initiated new designated locations for guests to set up their pinboards, books, and more without disrupting traffic flow in and out of the parks. The new sites also prohibit Pin Traders from using benches and other seating locations where guests want to sit and eat a meal or rest from a long day in the parks.

But like any rule, someone always believes they are above the law and attempts to break it, sometimes succeeding.

several Mickey Mouse-inspired pins and a Disney Pin Trading sign at Disney's Pin Traders in Downtown Disney District at Disneyland Resort
Credit: Disney

@FrshBakedDisney (Fresh Baked!) on X, formally Twitter, posted an image that has sparked controversy amongst Disneyland guests and those who engage in Pin Trading throughout the parks. The post is a question from another post by someone named @LaurasMiscMovie, who posted the original photo of the guest who evaded security and brought a stroller designed for children full of pins into the park without getting stopped.

This has always been a somewhat divisive topic. Pin trading in Frontierland. Here’s a byproduct of the new pin trading rules. What are your thoughts on this? Scale of 1-10. 1 being totally unbothered, 10 being enraged.

A few days ago, the above question filled the comments with people who wanted to give their two cents. “These pin “traders” are up there with resellers. Both of which now use strollers to disguise their shadiness,” said one guest in the comment section.

Another guest mentioned how many Pin Traders took it “too much like a business and took the fun out of it.” They also said they hope the “fake pin problem” will be conquered by the parks.

“I don’t care what anyone does, but this does bug me. Why did this get through security, if the rules aren’t being enforced why have them!” said another guest who usually does not care about this type of activity but did care about how the guest evaded security with all of those pins inside a baby’s stroller.

What are your thoughts on Pin Traders breaking the new rules at Disneyland Resort in California? What do you think about the guest mentioned above? 

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