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In two screenshots, a little girl points at and then accidentally drops some Disney ornaments at Disneyland Park.

Credit: @lawhorona via TikTok


  1. rteker

    Hopefully Disney keeps with the policy; You Break It, You Bought It.”

  2. George Reynolds III


  3. Matt

    When I was a kid, the rule was look with your eyes not your hands, but that was back when parents were still parents and not trying to be the cool best friend. Disney should have given them the option to pay for the merchandise their poorly behaved child broke or leave the park immediately. Taking the occasional pictures or videos of a show is one thing, why do people need to make tiktoks and Instagram posts every time they poop? You spend thousands on a vacation just to watch it through your phone screen; do that at home for free.

  4. Rob

    Hundreds of dollars???

    1. h

      My exact thought… unless those were gold-plated ornaments, there is no way they cost that much!

  5. Tissiny

    I would have paid at least a little something for the damages and had my child apologize to the cast member. They got off easy and now some dumb kids are going to do it too because they saw it on TikTok and she didn’t have to pay no repercussions. Disney should change that. Especially in the world we live in now with every kid and teen wanting to trend or follow a challenge or trend.

  6. Ann

    There is no excuse for ill manners and destructiveness. Should have made them pay.

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