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Governor DeSantis smiling on the left, and Mickey and Minnie Mouse on the right

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  1. Andrea

    Perhaps Disney shouldn’t have opened their mouth about the “Don’t Say Gay” bill and everything would have stayed the same for them. But the employees who aren’t treated good to begin with had to carry on like kids and push Disney into the battle with DeSantis. Chapek shouldn’t have listened to them. And it did nothing fir the employees, just getting some staff downsizing. Universal keeps quiet and continues on, Disney should follow their lead, and they don’t have any fights within their parks or people poohing everywhere. Go woke and now they will go broke, sad Disney changed.

  2. Sue

    Since when can Disney not have Freedom of Speech?
    It’s okay for the governor but everyone else has to shut up!!!!

  3. Sulley

    Florida’s and the whole country needs to say good bye to DeSantis. Freedom of speech is a right for everyone and if you don’t like it then you need to get over it. Remember that the Supreme Court said companies have the same rights as individuals.

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