DeSantis Rips Disney to Shreds, Claims Legal Feud Was Not His Fault

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Ron DeSantis scared at Cinderella Castle amid his conflict against Disney

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In a new interview, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis clearly states that the House of Mouse started the feud between him and Walt Disney World.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis looking sad in front of the Cinderella Castle at Disney World.
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The Disney World vs. DeSantis Feud Escalates to New Heights

Unsurprisingly, the legal and political feud between WDW and DeSantis has been ongoing and escalating to new heights. The most recent news to come out has been the new set date for the motion to dismiss hearing that has been scheduled for December 12, where a United States District Judge will hear the Florida governor and his board, the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District (CFTOD) in terms of them attempting to dismiss the lawsuits filed by Disney earlier this year.

Furthermore, the CFTOD fired a few employees, including top-level executives, just days before Thanksgiving, with confirmation that a toxic workplace caused the reasoning behind the firings. Those who stand against the Governor disagree with his board’s release so close to the Holiday season, with Christmas just around the corner.

With the hearing date being weeks away, DeSantis is now demanding legal documents from Disney to find more proof and sources on Disney’s political stance that landed the company in hot waters not too long ago. This is the Governor’s last-ditch attempt to undermine Disney before the legal hearing.

But is this DeSantis and his board’s last-ditch effort? According to a new interview from a few days ago, that is not the case, as the Governor ripped Disney to shreds.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis laughing with the Cinderella Castle in the background as the sun sets inside of the Magic Kingdom Disney World Park.
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Political Interview Heats as Governor Shreds Disney to Pieces

In a new interview with Newsmax, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis took to the stage to answer a question that ignited a fire that lit the House of Mouse and burned them. In the interview, the Governor is asked the following question:

Disney has come out and said “Well, we’re also a big employer in the state of Florida,” so tell us how you reconcile this; going after Disney but also knowing that there are people in Florida, your constituents, who do depend on them for their money, their livelihood?

This is where DeSantis had no problem picking apart the legal matters between the two and responding, “Well, first of all, Disney came after us.” The Governor then discussed the legislation passed that was meant to protect kids and parents from having a sexualized curriculum in elementary schools across the state. DeSantis refers to the famous “Don’t Say Gay Bill,” passed in March 2022.

Ron DeSantis wearing sunglasses with Captain Mickey
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The Governor then mentions how “most Disney employees” sided with him on the issue of Disney taking a stance on this bill, stating that those employees didn’t want the company getting involved politics. Ron DeSantis also mentions how he made Disney more money and saved them more “than any Governor in the country.”

The Governor answered the above question for almost 3 minutes, which ended with him stating that he predicts that Disney will dismiss the lawsuit and that the entire thing is “bogus.”

With The Florida Governor attempting to run for President in 2024 and the motion to dismiss hearing set for December 12, time will surely tell on whether or not he is right about Disney dismissing the lawsuit entirely or whether or not Disney will drag things out past November of 2024.

You can watch the entire interview by clicking here.

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