‘Barbenheimer’ Movie is in the Works Without Star Cast

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The “Barbenheimer” sensation resulted from a pop culture dilemma for movie lovers. Two highly-anticipated blockbusters were released the same weekend with two celebrated directors, Christopher Nolan and Great Gerwig. These movies were complete opposites regarding their premises, creative visions, and tones. Even so, the choice became too much for many eager audiences, so a viral push to attend a double feature for both films sprung to life.

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This trend became an unforeseen cultural phenomenon that generated record numbers for Barbie as it went on to gross over $1 billion, and the three-hour drama Oppenheimer raked in a sizeable $600 million. “Barbenheimer” also manifested a popular fashion craze that encouraged audience members to dress in pink or 1940s attire. Sometimes, there was a mash-up of both looks. This cinematic cultural rarity has blown up with such an indelible impact that an indie filmmaker is currently developing a Barbenheimer movie without either stars of the ensemble casts.

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Charles Band is considered to be a prolific B-movie icon. While his expertise leans towards cheesy horror, he has freely acknowledged that his upcoming Barbenheimer film is a blatant attempt to cash in on the success of Barbie and Oppenheimer this year. However, he has expressed that it will also be a great chance to mix the two very different movies in a tongue-in-cheek way.

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The cult horror director stated that the movie will follow the story of  Dr. Bambi J. Barbenheimer, a brilliant scientist doll who lives in Dolltopia, a realm of unending summers and beach parties. When her partner Twink Dollman is sold at the American Film Market, Dr. Barbenheimer visits the real world and witnesses humanity at its worst. She ultimately decides to build a massive nuclear bomb to wipe everyone out. Her outrage over the cruel treatment of dolls at the hands of human children empowers her mission even further.

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Band, best known for his Full Moon features, along with a laundry list list of low-budget films have always been released straight to DVD or digital 0n-demand. He intentionally constructs hokey, over-the-top horror comedies such as the cult classic Re-Animator, The Puppet Master, Ghoulies, Trancers, Demonic Toys, and the Evil Bong franchises. Band knows his movie concepts are “so silly, [but] God, we need a little humor going into 2024, because it seems like every other feature is so gloomy and dark.”

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It was actually Band’s biographer Adam Felber, with whom he co-wroteConfessions of a Puppetmaster: A Hollywood Memoir of Ghouls, Guts and Gonzo Filmmaking,” who came up with the idea for him to make Barbenheimer. Band disclosed that, “He called me and was like, ‘We should make Barbenheimer the movie. Everyone around the world is having fun with that notion, so we should actually make it.”

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In the world of B-movies, things move quite quickly, so it did not take long for Band and Felber to develop a story and a few songs written by Brian Wecht, who is part of the musical comedy group Ninja Sex Party. Band added, “He has the right sensibility for this.” The director and actors of the Barbenheimer film will soon be revealed with the movie set to be made just under a $1 million. Band expressed he excels with low budget projects and jested that excluding the involvement of Greta Gerwig and Margot Robbie will save money on extra costs.

What do you think of the upcoming Barbenheimer movie? Would you want to see it? Or is it a shameless cash grab with no merit?

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