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Asha's hair blows in the wind in Wish

Credit: Disney


  1. Daryl

    Stop using single individuals terrible opinions to bash this movie. Seriously just shut up.

  2. Desmon Bowman

    I feel like people are scapegoating Lin Miranda for something that isn’t his fault.

    Disney has been inching towards Pop since the reinnissnce and was solidified by Frozen’s Let it Go.

    Moreover this song is literally a ROCK song and sounds nothing like anything LMM has written for Disney.

  3. Andrew

    Woke Disney is a damaged brand that many families are taking a closer look at now. Many will just wait till the film comes to D+.

    1. Daryl-Rhys

      The brand is only damaged with moron families. Just get rid of the morons.

  4. N

    Honestly the main hint of the song being AI generated is in the Pre Chorus. I let you live here for free, but I don’t even charge you rent. It’s a good song I agreed but that one repeat ruins it for me

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