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  1. Chris

    It is actually highly unlikely they will shut down any parks for any length of time for rebranding, you will simply see branding change over time (assuming this gets approved by shareholders and regulatory agencies, hopefully one of them says no as this is a very bad idea). And while the name will says Six Flags, the ticker symbol will be FUN, which is Cedar Fair’s symbol, please try to do more accurate reporting.

  2. Chris

    Inaccurate information. Cedar Fair doesn’t exist in name only moving forward. The company will be called Six Flags and trade under the NYSE symbol FUN, which is Cedar Fair. This is a merger, but Six Flags is absolutely not taking over Cedar Fair Parks. In fact, the CEO of Cedar Fair will be the CEO of the new company, and the offices will be located in Charlotte, NC and Sandusky, OH. Those are the Cedar Fair offices.

    Do just a bit more research

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