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Johnny Depp at a press conference

Credit: Wikimedia/Harald Krichel


  1. Hi, I am one big fan of yours and a fan of captain Jack’s sparrow my sister is in her early 60s. She loves Halloween and Christmas and she go out of her way and decorating both of them Halloween and Christmas for the kids people drive-by drop the kids off they want to come and trick-or-treat at her house she would have maybe 40 or 50 kids that come to her house trick-or-treating But I didn’t know if you were in the area of Florida Northport if you’d like to come by if you can to sign some autograph as Captain Jack sparrow, her theme is pirates on a ship she has about 15 pirates in her front yard this will be good publicity for you. I am one of the biggest fans. Surprises. If you can make it it would be one big happy day.

  2. Kim

    Captain Jack sparrow. I loved him in pirates of the Caribbean.

  3. Sharon Martin

    Hey Kiddo
    Being a fellow Kentuckian I can’t help but find you fascinating. I love your uniqueness in spite of the surroundings of “Hollowood”.
    I pray that your successes not only continue but that you have an absolute explosion of the very best of everything you touch.
    You deserve it.
    God bless and be safe

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