Netflix Caught Hiding Certain Shows and Movies From Subscribers

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Are you a Netflix subscriber? Well, did you know that Netflix has been hiding some of their most iconic shows from you, in plain sight?

It is hard to imagine that a streaming service would be limiting content from their users, but in this case, it seems that Netflix thought it would be a good idea.

Grandfather Clock in a wall from Stranger Things
Credit: Netflix

Netflix has been dominating the streaming game for quite some time. When Disney+ was introduced, the streaming platform took on Netflix as its number one competitor. We saw Netflix lose Disney titles, and soon enough, Disney+’s growth rate would skyrocket so high that they would be in direct competition with Netflix.

Now, Netflix is showing astronomically higher numbers, including adding nearly six million new subscribers and increasing its free cash flow from approximately $13 million to a staggering $1.3 billion. This is all thanks to their original content that has blown up over the years, like Stranger Things, Squid Games, Love is Blind, Sex Education, Wednesday, and so much more.

Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams
Credit: Netflix

Although the streaming platform is highly successful and has come a long way since its days of renting out DVD’s, they still have been caught jumping hurdles in order to progress.

The first issue has been the price hikes that the company has inflicted on their subscribers. 

One of the primary reasons Netflix has continued to raise their prices is to maintain their influx of original content. They stated that their global spending exceeded $230 billion in 2022. Even with this astronomical investment in programming, they are still third next to Disney and Comcast.

A new problem arose where the company was not losing a lot of subscribers, but there were not any new ones. So, without a growth in subscribers, there would be no substantial growth in revenue. Netflix determined a prominent reason for the lack of new subscribers was due to the rampant use of ‘password sharing.’

netflix squid game
Credit: Netflix

As we reported, “This crackdown was enacted in July 2023 and proved fruitful. Netflix was able to add 2.6 million new accounts, even after charging password sharers an extra $7.99 per month. Additionally, the company saw a 23% increase when they introduced an “ad supported plan” where subscribers could receive a more economical $7 a month package in return for paid ads that played in between content viewing.”

Now, Netflix is suffering heavily from the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike.

Since July 14, 2023, the American actors’ union SAG-AFTRA (Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists) have been on strike over an ongoing labor dispute with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP). This has been one of the longest strikes in recorded history and has cost the entertainment industry billions of dollars.

Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos has spoken out on the stike, clearly as a last-ditch effort to try and help it come to an end so his company can return to making money. At the moment, the company is unable to write or film for their mega hits, such as Wednesday and Stranger Things, which is causing them to fall behind with content, which, in turn, many cause subscribers to fall as they will not be seeing anything new for the foreseeable future.

First game in Squid Games
Credit: Netflix

Sarandos noted he is hopeful that negotiations will come to a close soon.

But, there are some ways to access shows that you may have never known about on the Netflix platform.

As noted by Netflix, “Amongst the films and TV series for your viewing pleasure, there’s a trove of secret category codes — a list that dates back to the earliest days of the company and already tops 36,000 (yes, really!) and is always growing, a treat for fans who either know exactly what they want to watch or want to try something entirely new.”

So, there are ways to secretly access your favorite shows with their hidden categories!

Credit: Netflix

To explore these collections — ordering off the secret menu, if you will — all you need to do is fire up your web browser, type in “” and then add your ID code of choice to the end of the URL.

So if you’re in the mood for something as specific as, say, Gentle British Reality TV (with the code 81240711) or Witchcraft & the Dark Arts (81552046), or think all movies should be short (90-Minute Movies, aka 81466194), there’s a code and corresponding collection waiting for you.

Considering many of us spend the length of an episode scrolling trying to find the perfect thing to watch, these codes can help you narrow down your choices based on your specific mood!

Jenna Ortega as Wednesday
Credit: Netflix

Netflix Hidden Code List

The list is far too long to share, however, we have created a “starter pack” for you to look at, including a large variety of codes:

90-Minute Movies
Code: 81466194: When you’re here for a good time but not a long time. See also: 30-Minute Laughs (81602050), 90-Minute Comedies (81466224), 90-Minute Family Movies (81466229), 90-Minute Horror (81466239), 90-Minute Rom-Coms (81466228) and 90-Minute Thrillers (81466222).

Binge-Worthy British Crime TV Shows
Code 1192582: Crack the case on gripping dramas set across the pond, including Bodyguard, Top Boy and Safe.

Chosen Family
Code 81231348: Sex Education, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and more stories about friends who are more like family.

Code 1964512: Fight the future with titles like Altered Carbon, Black Mirror and Love, Death + Robots — or look through Dystopian Futures (2299461) for even more sci-fi options.

Don’t Watch Hungry
Code 3272152: The description speaks for itself, but to whet your appetite — you’ll find shows like Somebody Feed Phil and Chef’s Table on here.

Family Movie Night
Code 2013975: Animated and live-action fare for everyone to enjoy together. You’ll find films here like The Mitchells vs. the Machines, Over the Moon and 13 the Musical.

Gal-Pal TV Shows
Code 1143288: Shows about besties (Never Have I Ever, Grace & Frankie, etc.) to watch with your bestie — or to recommend to them after you finish.

High Brow Horror
Code 3261672: Midnight Mass, The Haunting of Bly Manor and more spooky stories with impeccable vibes.

Irreverent TV Comedies
Code 75480: Dear White People, Big Mouth, Derry Girls and more offerings sure to make you smile.

K-Dramas for Beginners
Code 2953105: If you’re newer to K-dramas, look no further than this list that includes shows like Crash Landing on You and Squid Game.

Movies Directed by Women
Code 2974953:The Lost Daughter, Someone Great and more unmissable films from female filmmakers.

Pop Culture Icons
Code 81278963: Behind the curtain with celebrities and sports stars, via the likes of Selena, Jennifer Lopez’s Halftime and the Naomi Osaka docuseries.

Reluctant Adults
Code 3053870: Crashing, Love, Senior Year and more remind us that growing up (and acting like a grown-up) isn’t always easy.

Relentless Crime Thrillers
Code 81226732: For getting up close and personal with the edge of your seat, try this collection that includes Mindhunter, Dark, Ozark and Clickbait.

Schemers & Scammers
Code 81493295: Inventing Anna is right at home in this mix of scripted series and real-life stories.

Small Town Charm
Code 81615585: Enjoy some cozy time with the likes of Ginny & Georgia, Sweet Magnolias and Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.

Supernatural Soaps
Code 81238162: A category for those who like their drama with a dash of the strange. (See: Manifest, Lucifer, The Umbrella Academy.)

Swipe Right
Code 81582488: Want reality series (Love Is Blind) and fictional stories (Sierra Burgess Is a Loser) about the highs and lows of dating all in one place? Here’s your match made in heaven.

Take a Trip Around the World
Code 81282911: Emily in Paris, Amazing Vacation Rentals and more for anyone with a passport burning a hole in their pocket.

Team Players
Code 2752022: Go for the gold with these sports stories, which include films, TV series and documentaries like Last Chance U, Full Swing and The Redeem Team.

Totally Awesome ’80s
Code 2314106: Get a dose of nostalgia via these ’80s-set offerings, or jump ahead a decade and check out Nostalgic ’90s (2691941).

Watch in One Weekend
Code 3182735: When you want a start-to-finish project and have the time to commit to it. If you’re on a tighter deadline, pursue Watch in One Night (3178549).

Did you know about this hidden code section of Netflix?

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