Disney Experience Slammed, “Rebuild Entire Thing From the Ground Up!” Demand Guests

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Perhaps of the most controversial things introduced to Disney park guests in the last few years has been the Genie+ addition to the My Disney Experience app.

In combination with the My Disney Experience app, Genie+ replaced the old FastPass+ system and now allows guests to create Lightning Lane, virtual queue, and dining reservations, stay informed on wait times throughout the parks, and manage other aspects of their stay.

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Previously, the My Disney Experience app was completely free for guests, including three free FastPasses per day. With the rollout of Genie+, guests are now being asked to pay more money for a service that was previously free. In conjunction with the other increased costs of a Disney vacation, the Genie+ and new My Disney Experience app have garnered a lot of backlash within the last year.

In a now-deleted Reddit post on the r/WaltDisneyWorld subreddit, a guest took to the social media platform to complain about the app. “I have to say, it is by far the worst app I’ve used, no exaggeration.” The user went on to mention their complaints and grievances in the original post but has since deleted the post and their Reddit account.

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However, while the post has been deleted, the comments are still available, and many of them agree with the opinion of the original post. “One of my biggest peeves. Disney is increasing guests’ dependency on a less than robust platform,” agreed u/Top_Whereas335. “I call the app the “battery drainer” for a reason. I only install and use it when I need to, and that’s rare,” said u/ITrCool.

“Ugh yes!! I would love to rebuild the entire thing from the ground up,” replied u/ff587 while u/messymel had more to say.

“MDE is a nightmare. You’d think with the profits disney makes, they could afford to pay for the data infrastructure and salaries for people who know how to build a good site and manage the traffic they should know to expect. It’s also frustrating that they manufacture this issue themselves by only opening ADRs and virtual queues at specific times that guarantee they have a HUGE uptick in web traffic every single day, then do nothing to improve the experience of paying customers. Literally every time I go through the process of planning a trip, I am quickly reminded of the rage from the last experience.”

Unfortunately, the Disney experience does rely heavily on guests using their phones to manage most of their reservations and trip experience. It can often feel like you’ve been pulled out of the magic by the need to be on your phone constantly. However, others have argued that it makes it more convenient to have everything in one place on a device everyone has on them already, like u/Hockey_is_Life.

“Maybe I’m the odd one out, but I visited Disney for 1 day last April and I had a fantastic time using the MDE app, I was impressed by it. Granted I did a fair amount of reading and research beforehand on how to maximize the benefits.

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Everything from buying park tickets, Genie+, and ILL worked smoothly for me. Even made spontaneous dining reservations at Tiffins. When it came time to use my Genie+ reservations I was able to immediately snag another for my next planned ride of the day. I managed to visit AK, HS, and MK in that one day and get on all the major rides. This would not have been possible without the MDE app. Not once did I have difficulty navigating the app or have issues with it crashing.”

While Disney could probably stand to work on their app experience, it’s ultimately up to the guest and how they utilize it. As u/amathysteightyseven says, “It offers a lot of functionality and I honestly find it useful. Could it be more reliable? Absolutely. But it’s fine and does the job.” Genie+ has had its share of issues since being rolled out a couple years ago. Hopefully, it’s only a matter of time before the rest of the kinks are worked out.

Have you ever had an issue with the My Disney Experience app, or do you enjoy using it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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