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Merida from 'Brave' looks into the distance, an actress at Disney World portrays Merida (her face is censored for privacy).

Credit: Pixar / @disneyglennb on TikTok


  1. lovesdisney

    I think she is adorable, upbeat ,energetic, and full of Disney magic.I don’t have any issues with her accent as I am not there to find fault in those that try to bring happiness to others all day.Well done Merida, Thank You.

  2. Patti Jo Reynolds

    They said the same thing about Dick Van Dyke’s accent in Mary Poppins and the man is an icon and absolute LEGEND.. leave the girl alone.

  3. Shannon

    Merida is the BEST meet & greet at MK, if not all of the WDW parks. She’s so much fun, is great with the kids,and you find yourself smiling the whole time. So what if the accent slips from time to time, or isn’t always 100% accurate? I’m far more concerned with how she embodies the spirit of the character and portrays Merida for these kids. THAT’S the charm of this particular princess, the accent is a bonus. Anyone who can do their job 100% perfect,100% of the time should be the only one who can complain about someone else’s inaccuracies.
    We’ve had a complete and total blast with every Merida we’ve encountered, and there’s been several. Every single one has done a fantastic job, and I hope she’ll always have a spot somewhere in the park.

  4. Donovan

    The real issue is that she didn’t ACT like Merida. In no way did she sound “Irish”. She’s clearly American.

    Just think, some people are SO PRIVILEGED, that their entire day can be ruined by a faulty accent at an expensive theme park they can afford to go to. Pathetic.

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