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T'Challa as Black Panther in his original costume

Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. Don88

    If they are smart they would bring killmonger back as Black Panther his sister is not a good look

  2. As long as T’Challa is dead, the #BPFG will not support anything Black Panther related. Uxolo.

  3. 100% yes but with Michael b. Jordan as black panter

  4. Michael b. Jordan to be black panter 100%

  5. Black panther need to be a strong warrior like my brother says m.b. Jordan is the best man for the part.

  6. Rony Carre

    Please more black panter,
    Black panther 3 the return of are king/michael b jordan
    Black panther 4 wakanda war

  7. Eddie

    Marvel should keep doing more Black Panther movies. There’s a big following w/ Black Panther & they’re many stories that Marvel can do.

  8. As iconic as Chadwick Boseman’s portrayal of the Black Panther character was, the character is an icon in and of itself which deserves the right to be explored in every way possible. While I applaud Disney for deciding not to recast the role , I believe the character still has much more story to be told. Bring him back.

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