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Mickey Mouse looking scared while driving

Credit: Disney


  1. Zordonnn

    I hope so. The evil perverted wokeness at Disney needs to be purged with extreme prejudice.

    1. 💯💯💯💯💯 Hope he wipes all this ADULT AGENDA OUT AND MAKE IT ABOUT KIDS & REAL Walt Disney Magic!! I’m sure Walt is turning in his grave over the AGENDA & GREED HIS beloved company has been turned into!! It was made to be a place were family can go and enjoy!! Not a Gay agenda or money hungry SPIKE HIGH PRICE kinda park!

    2. Chris

      Absolutely 100%. Chepak took the blame for the lemonade but Iger brought the lemons and sewage water.

  2. Kymmie

    Definitely do not want a Chapek type CEO, but Disney needs to revert back to the parks and resorts we once loved. I am not sure if the takeover is good or bad news, but if they can restore the Disney we love, it might be saved.

  3. Susan

    Maybe A Elon Musk takeover, I could support that. Then rip out all the woke execs pushing

  4. DM

    Disney, which I LOVED for decades, gets their just rewards here.
    They’ve become a degenerate, disgusting and leftist pile of trash. It needs a good cleansing.

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