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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis waving inside of a frame with the Cinderella Castle and the Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse statue to the right.

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  1. Mary F

    Petty, little man. Disney should be left alone to be Disney. Their card of the Reedy Creek Distticg had always been impeccable and well run. I almost wish Disney would pull up stakes and move out of this state. Then DeSantimonius would see what an important part Disney has played in bringing employment and beauty to our state. What a huge mess.

  2. HB

    Interestingly. it seems that the DeSantis authoritarian pseudo-government, which stripped Disney of its special tax status claiming the decades-old agreement was unfair to enterprises that did not enjoy similar benefits, will be happily grating Universal that very same privilege for Epic Universe

  3. Dee_Hoss

    I think you meant to say that “Disney legally entered into contracts with the old board as prescribed under Florida law” before the communist attempted takeover of its district.

  4. Linda

    Florida is now under the rule of a dictator named DeSantis who is only concerned about his power and control. He does not care what repercussions there are to Floridians or the taxpayers.

    1. K.R. honeyman

      Exactly! Power corrupts ABSOLUTELY… DRUMPF IS IN THE SAME “BALL OF WAX”!

  5. Amy Ess

    Setting up central florida tourism district is punishment of Disney, especially since Universal was granted a special district of their own. DeathSantis out to screw over anyone who has any disagreements with his fascist way

  6. ronisbad

    thank god for term limits

  7. Milo

    Dude needs to get over it. Disney has been inclusive for decades. They had their first gay day at WDW back in 1991 when Desantis was still struggling with puberty. They are the largest employer in the state which means they basically drive the whole state’s economy. Let ‘em be.

  8. Robb40

    DeSantis is on a power trip and determined to put down all who oppose him. He took on Disney. But, the House of Mouse will deal with the louse.

  9. J L

    DeSanctimonious should be the one to leave and take his Fascist Gestapo GOP in the State House with him. They have been the worst thing that’s happened to Florida ever.

  10. Dave

    People still naive enough to believe it has anything to do with issues of lbgt. It’s all about the millions of dollars in permitting fees that every building owner pays in Florida. Except at Disney World. They should not be exempt from building code inspections and the associated fees charged to every homeowner and building superintendent in the state. Every hot water heater or A/C system should be replaced or repaired under the guidance of stare regulatory guide lines. This goes the same for roof repairs, electrical and plumbing repairs. The current regulation let’s WDW do whatever the he’ll they want with their maintenance personnel certified for the job or not. They have every freedom in the world not having to be held accountable for code inspections or fees of permitting forced onto the general public. Make it right Ron.

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