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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis smiling awkwardly with Mickey Mouse

Credit: Inside the Magic


  1. CJ

    Don’t mess with the Mouse!

  2. CJ

    WDW will b the winner!

  3. If the law is truly what it states it should be a kill for Disney. If is so obvious that it was All retaliation for them speaking against his “don’t say GAY” bill.

  4. Sherry

    DeSantis looks more & more ridiculous each day. Give it up already Ron, fix the Homeowners Insurance for us here in Fla

  5. Big D

    DeSantis acts like a spoiled child whenever he doesn’t get his way or someone disagrees with him. Unfortunately, he has much power to retaliate, whether legal or not.

  6. Paula

    DeSantis needs to lose this because the original reason he took over Disney was because they disagreed with his don’t say gay (ridiculous) rule which denies Disney free speech (1st amendment).


    1. Lee

      Disney is not “getting involved in Politics.” They are defending their constitutional rights that have been violated by a Fascist Governor who has aspirations to become the Dictator of the Un-United States of America.

  8. Walt's Kingdom

    The State of Florida will win. The RCID is a government board that WDW had appointment power of the board. The state has the right to dissolve any state board it sees fit.

  9. DeSantis is wrong to stick his nose into Disney’s business.
    He, as a leader, should have accepted their opinion, and gone on with his role as Governor, not the role of a dictator.
    If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all!

    Disney, did not say anything, Bob Chapek did. And he is GONE!

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